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Judicial Nominees: What the Republicans wont say: 168 out of 172 approved.

By: David Phillips

November 14, 2003


Washington DC   The Republican held Senate has just finished their 40-hour Marathon debate regarding President Bushs judicial nominations. The Republicans want whats called an up or down vote. Meaning all Senators either vote yes or no on the nominees, where 51 votes would decide the outcome.


Well seeing how the Republicans control the Senate with a majority of 51 votes, you can see why the Republicans want an up or down vote.


President Bush submitted a list of 172 names for Judicial Nominations; the Democrats have approved 168 out of the 172 nominations, thats an approval rate of 98%.


The four nominations that have not been approved are the ones that the Republicans want to have the up or down vote for. The Democrats say that these four nominations are too ideologically extreme to get lifetime appointments, and will hold a filibuster if they come up to vote.


President Bush got 168 of his nominees appointed, or 98 %, President Carter had 93.7% of his nominees approved, President Reagan had 88.2% of his nominees appointed, and President Clinton had 69.5% of his nominees appointed.


President Bush has gotten more of his nominations approved, than any other president in 30 years. 


168 out of 172, you will never hear these numbers come out of the mouth of a Republican, they continue to mislead, and misdirect the American people and will only talk about the four that have not been voted on to lead astray the public.


Mislead and Misdirect are the same tactics the White House uses on the American people, so its understandable why the Republican held Senate uses the same tactics.


Its time the American people open there eyes and see the truth.  God Bless America.


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By David Phillips

October 31, 2003



Washington, over the last two days, the Bush White House has released two videotapes of Iraqi citizens being tortured by the Saddam Fedayeen, dating back they believe to as early as 1995 to as recent as prior to the Bush war on Iraq.


The tapes have been exclusively released to Fox News the so-called Fair and Balanced News Network. Fox news said today that more Torture Tapes might soon be released.


The tape that Fox News aired today showed a person whose tongue was to be cut off, a man whose fingers were to be cut off, a man whose head was to be cut off, a man being whipped and a man throwing another man off the roof of a three-story building.


The two question we all need to ask is, Why would the White House want to release such Horrific video tape upon the American Public, and Why release the video tapes to Fox News exclusively?


Over the last several weeks the White House has been vocally complaining how Media organizations have been telling only half of whats going on in Iraq. Meaning that the Media tells everyone about American troops being killed, and wounded, but say very little about the Good things that they have accomplished. Such as Hospitals opened, Schools opened, peopled going back to work, etc.


The White House has gone so far as to have one on one interviews with small town medias so that they can get the story out that they prefer the American Public to hear.


The White House would prefer that all Media organizations such as TV, Radio, and Newspapers, to lead off their daily news program, with the Good things their doing.  Example: USA TODAY FRONT PAGE NEWS: NEW SCHOOL TO OPEN IN BASRA TODAY, TO BE CALLED GEORGE W. BUSH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, and in the lower left hand corner of the FrontPage, FOUR SUCIDE CAR BOMBS KILL 40, INJURED 250 see page 22A. This is how the White House wants the News reported. Buried on the Back Page somewhere.


The White House release of the Torture tapes is their way of diverting your attention. They want the American people to see that although there really were no Chemical, Biological, or Nuclear Weapons that put us in a Clear and Present Danger, that it was still OK to go to WAR because Look at all the Torture that they were doing to their own people.


The White House has no Morals, first they Lied about their main reason for the WAR, then to divert your attention from the TRUTH, they release these Sick and Barbaric video tapes.


From day one the White House policy has been to mislead, or misdirect the American people from what there really doing. First Bush promised on September 13, 2001 two days after 911, to capture, or kill Osama Bin Laden, the almost six months to the day, Bush went on record and said that Osama Bin Laden, was no longer relevant.                


Why did Bush say that Osama Bin Laden was no longer a top priority, because he could not find him. So the White House policy of misleading, and misdirecting, kicked in. People of the United States of America, and the rest of the World, Saddam Hussein must comply with the UN Resolutions and show us your Weapons of Mass Destruction, or we will make you.


For the 10 months leading up to the WAR, all you heard from the White House was, that they Know that Iraq has WMDs, and that they have the Intelligence to prove it, and that we were in a clear and present danger.


They diverted your attention from Afghanistan, and the Taliban and Osama, to Saddam Hussein, and Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.


Now all the White House reads in the Media is that Americans are being killed or wounded every day. So its time for the White House policy of Misleading, and Misdirecting to kick in again.


So the White House releases the sick and barbaric Torture tapes. Theyre thinking that if the American people see what was going on before, the WAR in Iraq, then it will Justify Americans being killed and wounded.


Now to Fox News, there News policies have always been to the Extreme Right, and they have no problems showing the tapes as long as it helps get the White House message through to their viewers.


Fox News is the most unfair and unbalanced news organization in the United States, and regrettably the most watched news service on cable today.


While the Fox News motto is Fair and Balanced its policies are the same as the White House, Mislead and Misdirect.



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October 9, 2003

By David Phillips


White House: President Bush said that even though the Justice Department is heading up the investigation into who leaked the CIA operatives name, said, we may never discover who in the White House leaked the name.


Bush said that the White House has ruled out the three White House aides, whose names have come up as the possible leaks. The three aides, whose names have been floating around are, Senior Bush advisor Karl Rove, Dick Cheneys Chief of Staff Lewis Scooter Libby, and Elliott Abrams, Senior Director on the National Security Counsel.


Press Secretary Scott McClellan said he personally questioned each of the men, and has ruled them out.


President Bush gave a deadline for all White House personnel to cooperate with the Justice Department and have all documents that have been requested by the Justice Department to them by 5:00 pm Tuesday October 7.


All personnel have complied with President Bushs deadline. Except the documents that were supposed to go to the Justice Department, in fact first went to the White House Counsel for his review, which will take at least two weeks. After the White House Council is done, he will forward the documents to the Justice Department.


This is the kind of BS that gets Bush in trouble.


1)     First Bush decides against an Independent Council, in favor of the Justice Department thats run by John Ashcroft, whom no one is going to believe.


2)     Bush tells everyone in the White House, that they should cooperate with the investigation and turn over all pertinent documents. But the documents went to the White House Council instead. Gee I wonder what Bushs Lawyer is going to do if he finds anything first?


3)     The three key names that come up as the possible leaks are questioned by the White House Press Secretary, and he clears them and says that they did not leak the CIA operatives name. Does the Press Secretary also work for the Justice Department?


Bush even tried to shift the blame onto the reporters; Bush said  I have no idea weather will well find out who the leaker is partly because, in all due respect to your profession, you do a very good job of protecting the leakers.


Well Bush is probably right, in all likelihood we will never know who leaked the name of the CIA operative, because Bush will not allow an independent investigation. Bush dose not want us to find out who leaked the name.


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Expect to see some short term help from the White House for Californias economy leading up to next years election, so that Bush looks bettor to the voters there.


October 8, 2003

By David Phillips


California- Voters came out in droves yesterday to show there disapproval of Gov. Gray Davis. With their frustrations on the economy, and higher taxes, the people of California showed that they are ready to try something different.


And different is what they got. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a weight lifter from Austria, a movie star, an admitted groper of women, a man with no political background, and a Republican will be the new Governor.


Arnold announced his candidacy on the Jay Leno show saying that he is beholding to no special interest groups, has plenty of his own money, and that if he wins, he will go to Sacramento and sweep out all the politicians who do not agree with what he thinks needs to be done, to fix Californias economy.


In the 2 months leading up to yesterdays election, Arnold raised close to 20 million dollars from special interest groups that hes now beholding too. He has surrounded himself with some of the most powerful Republicans in the state of California, who have their own agendas.


Arnold also shelled out 6.5 million out of his own pocket. A new law in California limits candidates on how much money they can contribute to there own campaign at $100,000. When Arnold was questioned about all the money he personally shelled out, he said that its ok, my supporters will pay me back after the election. Thats fine, but what about the law he broke. Maybe he found a loophole I dont know, but its clear that neither the voters nor the reporters cared.


White House advisor Karl Rove was asked if Arnolds win in California would help Bush win there in the 2004 Presidential election. Rove said that if Arnold can turn the economy around, before the election, then the President would have a good chance of winning California.


President Bush called Arnold today to congratulate him for his victory, which Arnold mentioned today in his first press conference as Governor Elect of California.


Arnold also said at the press conference that he is going to ask President Bush for a lot of help with the economic problems in California.


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By David Phillips

October 1, 2003,


In case any of you think the Big Blowhard is a true journalist, you better not tell him anything in confidence. Because if you do, he would give you up if anyone asks him.


First a little Background:


Ambassador Wilson was asked by the CIA in November 2002 to go to Niger and look into weather Saddam was trying to buy Uranium from them. Remember the big flap about Bush and those 16 words in his State of the Union speech in January 2003?


Wilson went on record that there was No Evidence that Saddam was trying to buy Uranium from Niger. But Bush still used those 16 words knowing that they were Lies.


In an effort to stop people from making comments about the Bush administrations reasons for war with Iraq, the White House Leaked the name of Former Ambassador Joseph Wilsons wife who is an undercover CIA agent, to intimidate him and anyone else in the future from making statements that the Bush White House did not like, and at the same time they put his wifes life in jeopardy, as well as any of her contacts in foreign countries.


The CIA has requested that the Justice Department investigate the White House, and to find out who leaked the name of the CIA undercover agent. (John Ashcroft investigating the White House is like Manufacturers investigating their own companies for pollution, Im sorry Bush already past that law, but thats another story,)


Back to the Big Blowhard:


The Big Blowhard while commenting on the current White House Scandal regarding the leaking of an undercover CIA agents name, in a July 14th story by Robert Novak, has gone on the record saying that Robert Novak should say who gave him the information about the former Ambassadors wife.


The Big Blowhard said that President Bush has asked that anyone with information should come forward, the Big Blowhard said if it was his story, he would tell who in the White House gave him the confidential information.


While it is well known that reporters do not divulge their sources if those sources prefer to stay anonymous, the Big Blowhard would give them up in a heart beat, he has no principles.


Robert Novak the Author of the story is a well known and respected correspondent in Washington circles, and like most correspondents if he were to divulge his informers names, he would no longer be an effective writer, because no one would ever tell him anything again in confidence.


The Big Blowhard does not care about ethics (because he has none), or about right or wrong. The Big Blowhard only cares about protecting the Bush White House, by making this new Scandal go away as fast as possible. The Right-wingers do not want this Scandal to linger on.


I truly would like to know whom the Leaks game from (but with Ashcroft heading up the Justice Department. we will never know the Truth) I would also like to know who Deep Throat was, during the Nixon White House Scandal. But as in life, you dont always get what you want.


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By David Phillips

September 27, 2003


In case you havent heard, Electronic Voting Machines made by Diebold, will be used almost exclusively all across the United States. After the Punch Card Fiasco in Florida, for the Bush Gore 2000 Presidential Election, Congress passed a bill authorizing money for all States to convert, from outdated voting machines to the New Electronic Voting Machines, from Diebold Inc., and two other major competing companies.


Now one would think that with the technology available today, that this would make a lot of sense.


But what if the CEO of Diebold Inc. had other plans. What if the Software was vulnerable to hackers, or what if someone might want to change some votes.


The Diebold paperless touch-screen voting system was first deployed on a statewide basis in Georgia for the 2002 election. The outcome in Georgia was a stunning and historical upset in which Republican candidates won both the governors mansion and a seat in the U.S. Senate. The Republican challengers in Georgia had been trailing the Democratic incumbents in both races by 5 to 11 point margins the week before the race.

Although most Georgians expected incumbent Sen. Max Cleland to win, the Diebold voting system declared the dark horse Republican candidate Saxby Chambliss the winner. Chambliss won 53 percent of the vote, according to the Diebold-generated tally. A similar upset occurred in the gubernatorial race in which a Republican candidate won for the first time in 130 years. The upset in Georgia was of national significance. As Chambliss says on his web site: With our win on Nov. 5, we returned control of the U.S. Senate to Republicans and gave President Bush the tools he needs to implement his agenda for America.


Walden O'Dell, CEO of Diebold Inc, has assured all the skeptics that the Software is hacker proof.

"We found some stunning, stunning flaws," said Aviel D. Rubin, technical director of the Information Security Institute at Johns Hopkins University, who led a team that examined the software from Diebold Election Systems, which has about 33,000 voting machines operating in the United States.

The experts analysis of a voting machine discovered a host of security flaws in the software and exposed how the system is virtually wide-open to vote fraud and manipulation of the results. The Diebold voting system is open to insider attacks at every point of contact on the network, including the voter, and from outsider attacks on the data as it is transmitted.

The systems, in which voters are given computer-chip-bearing smart cards to operate the machines, could be tricked by anyone with $100 worth of computer equipment, said Adam Stubblefield, a co-author of the paper.

"With what we found, practically anyone in the country from a teenager on up could produce these smart cards that could allow someone to vote as many times as they like," Mr. Stubblefield said.

Because the voting machines communicate in a network, anybody with access to the data, from the poll worker to a telephone company employee, could manipulate the data and the outcome.

A spokesman for Diebold, Joe Richardson, said that the software examined in the report was "about a year old" and that "if there were problems with it, the code could have been rectified or changed" since then. The company, he said, puts its software through rigorous testing.

"We're constantly improving it so the technology we have 10 years from now will be better than what we have today," Mr. Richardson said. "We're always open to anything that can improve our systems."

Another co-author of the paper, Tadayoshi Kohno, said it was unlikely that the company had plugged all of the holes they discovered.

"There is no easy fix," Mr. Kohno said.

The list of flaws in the Diebold software is long, according to the paper, which is online at www.avirubin.com/vote.pdf.

The researchers said ballots could be altered by anyone with access to a machine, so that a voter might think he is casting a ballot for one candidate while the vote is recorded for an opponent.

OK, they say the Software coding is fixed, and there are no more problems. Should we believe them?

THE CEO: Mr. Walden ODell

 Mr. Walden ODell is the CEO of Diebold Inc., and as we all know, the CEOs of major corporations in the United States are arguably the people with the highest of integrity, and truthfulness in business today.

Oh ya, did I mention that Mr. Walden ODell is a Republican?

Mr. Walden ODell, who is vying to sell voting machines in Ohio, told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter on Aug 14, 2003, that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to President Bush next year."

O'Dell attended a strategy pow-wow with wealthy Bush benefactors - known as Rangers and Pioneers - at the president's Crawford, Texas, ranch in August. The next week, he penned invitations to a $1,000-a-plate fund-raiser to benefit the Ohio Republican Party's federal campaign fund - partially benefiting Bush - at his mansion in the Columbus suburb of Upper Arlington.

The letter went out the day before Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, also a Republican, was set to qualify Diebold as one of three firms eligible to sell upgraded electronic voting machines to Ohio counties in time for the 2004 election.

"Ordinary Ohioans may infer that Blackwell's office is looking past Diebold's security issues because its CEO is seeking $10,000 donations for Blackwell's party - donations that could be made with statewide elected officials right there in the same room," said Senate Democratic Leader Greg DiDonato


Bob Urosevich is the President of Diebold Inc, his brother Todd is a vice president at a competing company, Omaha-based Election Systems & Software. These two companies count nearly 80 percent of the votes cast in the United States.

 The concept is clear, simple, and it works. Computerized voting gives the power of selection, without fear of discovery, to whomever controls the computer. James and Kenneth Colliers 1992 book, Vote Scam:

The bottom line is that all of the existing electronic voting machines are fundamentally flawed, Peter G. Neumann, principal scientist at Stanford Research Institutes Internationals Computer Science Laboratory in Palo Alto, California, said. The real problem is that the federal election system standards stink. They allow totally insecure voting systems to be certified.

Electronic voting, the report concluded, with its inherent risks, places our very democracy at risk.

The only known solution to this problem is to introduce a voter-verifiable audit trail, the report says, in which the tally of the paper ballots takes precedence over any electronic tallies.

Remember all those jokes out of Florida about paper ballots, and hanging chads in the 2000 Presidential election, not so funny anymore, are they?

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By: David Phillips

September 4, 2003

The White House directly stopped the Environmental Protection Agencys warnings about the toxic fallout from the World Trade Center explosions that covered most of Manhattan with toxic dust. It had "financial concerns" that came before protecting the health of the people of New York. Among them were re-opening the stock exchange as quickly as possible, and limiting clean-up costs and liability claims.

Because of Bush's lies, thousands of Americans will suffer cancers, emphysema, heart attack, stroke, birth defects, stillbirths, sterility, eye/ear/nose/throat disease and much more.


These were two of the last big buildings constructed with asbestos in the U.S., whose health effects are widely known. Once ingested, the fibers can and do make cells cancerous.

The EPA knew that spewing all that asbestos into New York's air was a horrific event, and that lives could be saved by taking certain public precautions. Bush stopped that from happening.

The WTC also contained countless computer screens, light fixtures, calculators, telephones, network servers, paging systems, copy machines and much more high-tech office equipment laden with mercury and other toxic metals. The concrete, flooring, plastics, chemical cleaners, furniture, metal struts, window glass---all that was also pulverized into a horrific brew of murderous dioxins, furans and lethal powders with hideous killing power.

As the EPA knew, those living nearby were owed detailed information denied them by Bush. So were those working in the ruins for days, weeks and months. And those who have innocently proceeded with lives downwind.

But such things cost money. And some buildings might never have reopened. And the stock market might have stayed shut longer.

Lives would have been saved, but Bush decided they were less valuable than those financial concerns.

Now he's decimated the Clean Air Act, allowing more power plant emissions in yet another give-away to the rich corporations that fund the GOP. So more Americans will die. But Bush will have more money to spend on his 2004 re-election campaign.

Stop the Madness Impeach the S.O.B.

For more about the EPA 9/11 reports, click here Newsday



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