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By: David Phillips

December 18, 2006


President Bush throughout his reign as president, has tried his best to put muzzles on the scientist’s at various government agencies, such as NASA, the EPA, the FDA, the DOE, and now the USGS, with various degrees of success.


The U.S. Geological Survey agency (USGS) have received a set of new rules that now require screening of ALL facts, and interpretations by the agencies scientists.


The USGS scientists study everything from Global Warming to the impact on animals like caribou in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) where the Bush administration has been pushing to allow oil drilling.


Another area of their responsibility is the proposed national dump for our nations nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, where last year we found out that reports submitted by the Energy Department to the USGS had been falsified.


The new rules will apply to all scientific papers and all other documents regardless of their importance, as well as prescreening of all lectures and prepared talks.


“I feel as though we’ve got someone looking over our shoulder at every damn thing we do. And to me that’s a scary thing. I worry that it borders on censorship,” said Jim Estes a Marine biologist with the USGS field station in Santa Cruz, Calif.


“The explanation was that this was intended to ensure the highest possible quality research,” said Estes who has been with the agency for more than 30 years. “But to me it feels like they’re doing this to keep us under their thumbs. It seems like their afraid of the science. Our findings could be embarrassing to the administration.”


The new agency rules say that the USGS”s communications office must be “alerted about information products containing high visibility topics or topics of a sensitive nature.”


Bush has finally found a battle of words, that he might win, the only science, or data, that the Bush administration will hear, are those that comply with their policies. To hear any views that are contrary to theirs, are not tolerated.


The head of the USGS director Mark Myers and his communications office, must be told prior to any submissions for publication ”of findings or data that may be especially News worthy, have an Impact on Government policy, or Contradict previous public understanding to ensure that the proper officials are notified and communication strategies (Spin) are devolved.”


The new rules, radically change the recognize standard operating procedures, for all scientists, not just those in the government.


The new rules also include: the reviews of all comments and data that may be published by scientists who do NOT work for the USGS, or any other government agency. 


For decades the normal procedure for scientists have been to evaluate one another’s findings to see if they warrant publication.


The Bush administration is so worried that facts, that are contrary to their policies may become known, that they want to censor any, and all findings, by all scientists, whether they work for the government or not.


Over the last six years, Bush and the NeoCons have been changing our way of life, and 911 gave them the keys to our greatness, Scientist’s, Judges, Teachers, and the Supreme Court, just to name a few, are all being moved to the right.


What next? Who next?





By: David Phillips

December 11, 2006


Things in Lebanon are getting very tense, Hassan Nasrallah the leader of Hezbolah is trying to take over the government of Lebanon in a coup.


Hundreds of thousands of followers of Hezbolah have surrounded the government building were the President of Lebanon has been hold up.


Hezbolah, which is backed by Iran and Syria, is upset because the Lebanese Army is trying to stop and intercept Arms shipments from Iran.


Under a brokered UN peace accord that was signed by both Israel and Hassan Nasrallah after the end of the 34 day war this past summer, Hezbolah agreed to having the Lebanese Government place troops at their border with Israel as a buffer. 


The agreement also included that the Lebanese Army would intercept shipments of weapons to Hezbolah from Iran and Syria.


Hassan Nasrallah has called for his followers to surround the Government buildings this past Sunday, because his arms shipments have been intercepted, so now he wants to break the peace treaty he agreed to, and is attempting to overthrow the Government in a coup.

Thousands of demonstrators camped out in two downtown Beirut squares overnight, and hundreds of thousands more joined the crowd for the afternoon demonstration. Several hundred tents have lined the area for more than a week.

Police had no immediate crowd estimates, but the rally - filling downtown Beirut's plazas and many neighborhoods - promised to be one of the biggest in Lebanon's history.

The political unrest has split the country along sectarian lines, with most Sunni Muslims supporting the Sunni prime minister and Shiite Muslims backing the Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbolah. Christian factions are split between the two camps..

Hezbolah leader Hassan Nasrallah accepted in principle an Arab League plan to stabilize the Lebanese political crisis on Sunday night, Mustafa Ismail, an Arab League envoy said in an interview with Dubai-based Al-Arabiya television.

According to opposition sources, Nasrallah told the envoy "that he sees the initiative as positive," and informed him that he would be returning to Beirut on Monday.

According to the plan, the number of ministers in the Lebanese government will grow to 30. Two thirds of them will represent the parliamentary majority and one third will be from the opposition.

The plan also gives the new government power to establish a new international court for the investigation of the murder of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

While it appears that a coup has been avoided, Hassan Nasrallah and Hezbolah have gained considerable power in the Lebanese Government, if the proposed deal that was brokered by the Arab league is agreed upon.

Knowing, that what Hassan Nasrallah says, and what he does are often two different things, we will have to take a back seat and see how this plays out…




Is Kate O'Beirne, Ann Coulters not quite as EVIL, Sister?
By: David Phillips
December 4, 2006

Kate O'Beirne is the Washington editor for the conservative political magazine National Review, started by William F. Buckley, Jr. She was also a regular panelist on CNN's The Capital Gang. O'Beirne was vice president of government relations at the Heritage Foundation before joining National Review. She is currently a political analyst for MSNBC's Hardball, and the next inline to replace Ann Coulter, for the job of the most venomous ultra-right wing talking head.

She is the author of "Women Who Make the World Worse: and How Their Radical Feminist Assault Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports."

Kate O'Beirne is a lawyer, as is her Evil Sister in slime, Ann Coulter.
She graduated from high school in 1967, is married to a retired Army officer with whom she has two grown sons.

A quick look at the cover of her book features caricatures of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, Actress and War Protester Jane Fonda, and Sex and the City's Carrie Bradshaw a television character on a comedy show.

Kate O'Beirne blames the feminist movement, for the breakdown of the family, the feminization of society, a weakened military, an exaggerated sense of the epidemic of domestic violence, an invented wage gap, and the degradation of motherhood.

Kate O'Beirne has never met a Democrat that she would not criticize, or a Bush or Republican policy, that she wound not defend.

Kate is not quite as vial, as Ann Coulter, but both are ultra-right wing talking heads, and see all Republicans as Saints, and all Democrats as sinners.

About the only thing that separates Kate O'Beirne, from Ann Coulter, is the fact that her tongue is not as sharp. But the venom that O'Beirne spews, is just as toxic.

In fact, if either of these women were to spit on the ground, the toxicity of their saliva would burn right through the cement.

Well, I guess that if you enjoy Ann Coulter and her toxic spew, then you will no doubt, like her mirror image, Kate O'Beirne.



The Big Brother Acts

November 26, 2006

By: David Phillips


On September 11, 2001 al-Qaeda, whose leader Osama Bin Laden, sent twenty terrorists to the United States to hi-jacked four jets, which killed around 3000 civilians and forever changed the world.


Since that horrendous day, five years have gone by without another attack on American soil.


We know this, because Republican talking heads are constantly spouting this as fact.


Is this true?


Does the attack have to come from those in other countries that wish to do us harm?


Must the definition of an attack mean that someone dies, or something gets destroyed?


Can the erosion of our Constitution, and our Civil Liberties be considered an attack?


Well, I say, hell yes, let me explain what I mean…


Since September 11, 2001, Bush and Congress have approved legislation on The Patriot Act, and The Military Commissions Act, both are a direct assault, on the Constitution of the United States, and the Civil Liberties that so many have fought and died for.


To keep a long story short, I will attempt to describe to you, a couple of ways these two Bills can have a direct bearing on every American in the United States, as well as abroad.


The FBI can come into your home or work while you are not there, WITHOUT a warrant, and look for incriminating evidence (The Patriot Act), and if they do find something, they then can come back with a warrant, and arrest you.


The FBI, the CIA, the NSA, and all other alphabet security forces, can look through your financial records, health records, and education records, track all your purchases, see what you read, what movies you watch, if your married, how many kids you may have, what kind of car you drive, virtually everything that you do from day to day, all WITHOUT a warrant.


These same agencies, can wiretap your phones, data mine your e-mails, data mine what web sites you visit, data mine what web sites you search for, as well as data mine everything on peer groups such as MySpace and Facebook, again all WITHOUT warrants.


I know, you’re saying if I do nothing wrong, then I have nothing to worry about...Many are sitting in a cell somewhere, that have muttered those same words.  


Imagine that someone you don't know, or someone who may hold some grudge against you, or maybe even an acquaintance, drops your name to one of these agencies (let’s say the CIA), the CIA kidnaps you, fly’s you off to one of there secret prisons, and as Cheney likes to call it, puts you through some Intense interrogation (Torture).


All the while you’re saying, “You can’t do, this, I have rights, I demand to see a Judge”, well, your not going to see one, because, Bush and Congress passed legislation (The Military Commissions Act) that does away with Habeas Corpus, which is your right to see a judge.


After a few months of you telling them your innocent, they finally believe you, fly you home, and release you.


What do you think they will tell you? Gee, sorry we made a mistake…


The Military Commissions Act also authorizes Torture, and those secret CIA prisons that I just mentioned.


There are so many ways you could be caught up in some BS; you only have to use your imagination to see how you can be screwed...



The Patriot Act...


The Military Commissions Act...


Are all the Big Brother Act...






November 20, 2006

By: David Phillips


Three years and nine months, that is how long Bush’s War with Iraq has lasted. More than 26,000 wounded Americans, and more than 2800 Americans killed, and an insurgency that is staging more than 100 attacks each day. 


More than 400 billion dollars spent, and Bush is about to ask for another 111 billion for his Wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan.


President Bush and his minions have given many reasons over the last four years as to why we must fight this fight.


First we were led to believe that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction. Dick Cheney said he feared a mushroom cloud over a major United States city,

Cheney also said that we could be hit with in 45 minutes.


Condoleeza Rice said, we don’t want the smoking gun to be a Mushroom cloud.


President Bush in his 2003 State of the Union Address said that Saddam was buying yellow cake (Uranium) from Niger. Bush new that this report was false three months prior to the speech, but he used it anyhow.


Vice President Cheney was camped out each morning at CIA HQ, to cherry pick, and shape the intelligence that was coming in, to best suit their spin.


Paul Wolfowitz, the former Deputy Secretary of Defense, said that he did not think that the Iraqi War would cost American taxpayers more than 1 billion, and that the Iraqi oil would pay for the reconstruction.


Paul Wolfowitz also said that he did not envision any type of insurgency.


Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of Defense, said that we would be greeted as liberators, and that they would be dancing in the streets.


Not one of their points about going to War with Iraq has been true, none, zip, nil…


So here we are three years and nine months since Bush started this screw up, and Bush says we will not leave until we win the War.


Till we win the War he says, what does that mean to win, what will winning look like?


It seems to me we have Won, it just depends on what a win is:


      Is it when we find no Weapons of Mass Destruction, we win

      Is it regime change like we were once told, Saddam is gone, we win

      Is it when Bush is in front of a sign that reads Mission Accomplished, we win

      Is it when the Iraqi’s went to the polls to elect a Government, we win

      Is it when a court finds Saddam Guilty of murder, we win

      Is it when Saddam is executed, that will happen in a few days, we win


While all of the above were at one time or another said to be a reason to go to War, it appears that none are cause for winning.


No, we are now told that the mission will be accomplished, only when Iraq can defend it’s self, be financially secure, and free of terrorists.


So, now it seems that everyone is waiting to hear about a report, which was commissioned by Congress, and led by James Baker, on a possible change of course, from Bush’s “Stay the Course.”


What will a win look like once the report is made public?


I guess everything depends on what the definition of a ‘win’ is…




Number one Threat to the American Way of Life is:

Gay Marriage

By: DAVID Phillips

November 13, 2006



Gay Marriage, according to President George W. Bush, is the biggest threat to the American Family way of Life.


According to President Bush, Gay Marriage is a bigger threat to Americans, than Islamic Terrorists.


I know, your thinking to yourself...How can Gays be more dangerous to Americans, than Terrorists?


Bush has said on many occasions, that we are fighting the terrorists there, so we don't have to fight them here.


But Gay people are here now; in fact they are all around us.


In fact as I write this, Gangs of Gay people are roaming the streets. Many of these gay gangs are riding in Vans that have beds in the back, so they can have Gay sex in the back of the vans.


These Gay Gangs also roam the streets at night in their vans, watching and waiting...Peering through the windows of innocent families as they sit down in their living rooms to watch some TV...Then without any warning, these Gay Gangs bust into there homes, and force the families to watch the Gay Gangs have Gay Sex...The Horror, can you imagine the destruction this would have on the American Family?


So now you understand what President George W. Bush means, when he says that "Gay Marriage is the Number One Threat to the American Way of Life"...


Is that a Van parked in front of your house?





By: David Phillips

November 6, 2006



In the last week:

Dick Cheney has said: "A Dunk in the water is a No-Brainer" (Refereeing to torture and water boarding).

Donald Rumsfeld said to a group of reporters: " People ought to just back off... Relax...It's Complicated."

George W. Bush said: "We're Winning in Iraq."

Hear No Evil

Speak No Evil

See No Evil

How can anyone, even a Republican, believe the crap that spews from the mouths of these three guys?

I mean, these guys really believe what they are saying, they don't live in the same world as everyone else, they don't see what the rest of the world sees, and they don't care what the rest of the world says.

No matter what happens on Tuesday’s election, these three men will still be in their current positions.

The most this country, and the world can hope for is that the Democrats win the house and senate, and rein in the arrogance of these three men.

So, if you really want to see a “Change of Course”, instead of “Stay the Course”...

If you truly want to show your support of our troops…

If you have had enough of the Bullshit from the Bush Administration…

Vote for a Democrat, Tuesday November 7th, 2006...





By: David Phillips

October 30, 2006


Does mud slinging help? Does the American voter deserve better? Will the politicians ever again show ads that talk about their own views?


Your guess is as good as mine, but it appears that negative Ads, have a better response with the voter, because we see, more and more of them.


Mud slinging, smears your opponent with half truths, out, and out Lies, and anything, including the kitchen sink, if it will make your opponent look untrustworthy

The National Republican Campaign Committee's work stands out this year for the sheer volume of assaults on the personal character of Democratic House challengers.

The ads being aired by both the NRCC and its rival, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, are overwhelmingly negative.

The DCCC ads generally attack Republican candidates on policy issues or their performance in office – accusing them of casting votes favorable to drug or oil companies, or of supporting President Bush's unpopular policies in Iraq or on Social Security

The Republican ads variously accuse Democratic candidates of such things as charging an "adult fantasy" phone call to taxpayers, of being a "hypocrite," of being a "greedy trial lawyer," of being a "millionaire know-it-all," or of failing to pay local business taxes on time. One ad describes a Democrat's "ethical judgments" as "bad to bizarre" and claims he favored use of 50,000-volt Taser weapons on seven-year-olds.

Both parties use smears ads, in different ways, but smears, nonetheless.

A review of all ads by the DCCC and NRCC that appeared since Labor Day in any of the top 101 television markets, which reach 87 per cent of American TV viewers.

Of the 115 NRCC ads, 91 per cent were judged to be purely negative.  The DCCC's 104 ads included 81 per cent that were found to be purely negative.

Very few were found, on either side that were all positive, but the DCCC's contained more mixed or "comparative" ads  –a mix of positive statements about the supported candidate and negative statements about the opponent.

What stood out in the NRCC's ads was a distinct tendency to be petty and personal, and sometimes careless with the facts.

 29 of the NRCC's ads were assaults of a personal nature on a candidate's character or private professional dealings, rather than critiques of his or her views or votes while in federal, state or local office. 

The DCCC had, 15 such ads, and several of those were comparative, rather than purely negative.

Both the NRCC and the DCCC are running negative ads because they believe they work. The American voter will continue to see more, and more smear ads between now, and election day, as well as all future elections.

Only when voters, speak up, and tell both sides, that if you want my vote, talk about issues, will we ever see the remote possibility of an ad that tells you what a person is for, rather than against.

Do we deserve the Government we get?

Or do we get the kind of government we think we deserve?





Copies of the ads were supplied to us by the 

Campaign Media Analysis Group


Corrupt Republican Congressmen

the last Twelve Months

By: David Phillips

October 23, 2006



Former Congressmen Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA) was found guilty last November of receiving $2.4 Million in bribes. Cunningham is currently in Prison. Cunningham was sentenced to eight years four months, this is the longest sentence ever given to a Congressmen, or former congressmen.


Former Congressmen and Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX), has resigned from Congress, because he was indicted on money laundering charges in Texas. He is currently waiting for his trial, that was postponed till January because of this Novembers election.


Congressmen Bob Ney (R-OH), plead Guilty last week for receiving bribes from former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Congressmen Bob Neys plea agreement, calls for a 27 month prison sentence. Congressmen Bob Ney has yet to resign from Congress.


Former Congressmen Mark Foley (R-FL) recently resigned from congress, because of his e-mails to congressional pages, which contained explicit sexual content. Since his resignation more e-mails, and instant messages with sexual content have surfaced.


Congressmen and Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL), is currently being investigated by the FBI, and the House Ethics Committee, for covering up the Mark Foley Sex Scandal.


Congressmen Curt Weldon (R-PA), and his daughter a lobbyist, are currently under investigation by the FBI, for Influence Peddling. Last week the FBI raided the offices and home of Weldon’s daughter looking for incriminating files.



Congressmen Don Sherwood (R-PA) apologized last week for having a mistress. The Congressmen in his latest campaign ad show’s Sherwood apologizing for the five year affair, and at the end of the ad, he still has the nerve to ask people to vote for him.


Congress Jon Porter (R-NV) this past weekend has been accused of using his Congressional office, and district office to make campaign calls to solicit money. This is a violation of Federal Election Laws, as well as being an ethics violation.


The GOP has an office of phone banks set up right across the street from Porter’s Congressional office in Washington, DC. The Las Vegas Sun Newspaper suggested that they have copies of e-mails that will confirm these allegations.


Congressmen Jim Gibbons (R-NV) last week was accused of making unwanted sexual advances with Chrissy Mazzeo, who the congressmen had been drinking with along with his campaign manger and three other women.


Mazzeo made three 911 calls, and a police report has been filed.


There are several unanswered question by Gibbons, who is running for Governor of Nevada. These allegations if left unanswered by the Congressmen will certainly dog him right up to Election Day.


Don’t vote for the person who will be Washington’s voice to you…


Vote for the person who will be your voice in Washington…


Vote this November 7th






North Korea Conducts Underground Test Of Nuclear Bomb

By: David Phillips

October 9, 2006



Well, Kim Jong-Il the Dictator of North Korea said, that he was planning to test a nuclear bomb, and despite warnings from the United Nations this past Friday, not to test a nuclear bomb, he did anyway.


An official at South Korea’s seismic monitoring center confirmed a magnitude-3.6 tremor felt at the same time North Korea said it conducted its underground nuclear bomb test.


The North Korean statement said there was no radioactive leakage from the test site.


U.S. officials have confirmed, that North Korea did conduct an underground nuclear test.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the alert level of the military had been raised in response to the nuclear test.

Japan’s Kyodo News agency, reported that the Japanese government has set up a taskforce, in response to the test.


Here are a few reasons why North Korea conducted the underground nuclear test.


      Bush cut off their fuel and food aid

      Bush labeled North Korea as one of his Axes of Evil

      Bush attacked two countries which made Kim Jong-Il think that he would be next

      Bush refused to have one-on-one negotiations with North. Korea



In response to North Korea’s nuclear test, Japan, and South Korea will be force, to develop their own nuclear weapons.


The United States has approximately 28,000 American troops at the DMZ, plus an Aircraft Carrier task force within spitting distance, and South Korea has another 500,000 troops, and their Air Force, and Navy


China is North Korea’s nearest neighbor, and ally, but seems to have little influence on their leader.



I can see Bush’s face right now; he has that little smirk that he gets, when he thinks that all the cards are falling in his favor. He's probably saying to Dick and Karl...This should scare the American people enough to keep Republicans in control another 2 years.


North Korea’s nuclear test, could not have come at a better time for the Bush administration, and the Republican party, because their cover-up of the Foley story, and the bad news that continues to come out of Iraq, will be pushed to the back of the newspapers, and have little or no mention at all from the talking head news channels.



One would think that Karl Rove had something to do with the timing of this event…





By: David Phillips
October 2, 2006

The GOP controlled Congress will stop, or stoop at nothing, to keep a majority hold of the House.


Former Rep. Mark Foley R-FL resigned this past Friday, because he was sending e-mails and instant messages to current, and former male teenagers who were Congressional Pages.


Congressional Pages are high school students who attend classes under congressional supervision, and work as messengers in Congress.


Former Rep. Mark Foley wrote in one message to a page, “Do I make you a little Horney?”


In another message Rep. Foley wrote, “You in your boxers too…well, strip down and get relaxed.”


This Former Republican Congressman was the chairman of, The Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus.


There are several other messages that this pervert sent in his e-mails and instant messages, but I will not list those, because I think you understand what was going through this mans sick mind.


Senior House Republicans knew about these e-mails, in fact Dennis Hastert R-Ill who is the Speaker of the House, was aware of Rep. Foley’s messages to the teenage boys for more than a year now.


Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, R-Ill, was willing to put teen-age boys in jeopardy, rather than come out with these facts, just so he could keep Former Rep. Foley’s seat in Republican hands.


In my book Speaker Dennis Hastert R-Ill., is guilty of leaving these boys in harms way, and he should resign.


Speaker Hastert R-Ill, said, while he knew about the e-mails, he did not know about the instant messages, and said he thought they were just kidding around.


 Kidding around, can you believe that BS from Hastert?


There can be only one reason why Speaker Dennis Hastert R-Ill. kept quite, and was willing to put teenage boys in jeopardy with this pervert, he does not want to lose control of the House.


Over the last several months, we have seen how far the Republicans will go to maintain control of Congress.


This year alone we have seen the most powerful Republican in Congress, Rep. Tom Delay R-TX, resign because he was indicted on money laundering charges in Texas.


Rep. Bob Ney R-OH, got caught in the Jack Abramoff Scandal, and pleads guilty to bribery charges a couple of weeks back.


Former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham R-CA, resigned last November for taking 2.4 million in bribes, and is now in jail.


Earlier this year Rep. Jeff Flake, R-AZ said, "We simply have too much power,"


The FBI has said that the Jack Abramoff Scandal involves many more in Washington, and that over the next 12 to 18 months more indictments will be handed down.


We know that the Republican Leadership was aware of Former Rep. Mark Foley’s messages with teen age boys for more than a year, but did absolutely nothing to protect the boys, and did everything in his power to protect a Republican seat in Congress.


Senator Harry Reid D-NV has asked the Attorney General, to investigate Former Rep. Mark Foley R-FL, to see what laws were broken.


Congressman John Murtha D-PA, is asking what did the senior republican leadership know, and why they waited a year to disclose the information.


If there’s any justice, Speaker Dennis Hastert R-Ill. will resign. But I’m sure pigs will fly, before that happens…





A CIA Secret Prison Location Reveled (Part 1)

By: David Phillips

September 25, 2006


About two weeks ago President George W. Bush in a speech, revealed that the United States has secret prisons in various parts of the world, operated by the CIA.


While Bush did not reveal the locations, he did state that fourteen prisoners held at these secret prisons would be transferred to the Guantanimo Bay, Cuba prison facility.


Jack C. Clearly, investigative reporter for the Faux News Channel, said in his report yesterday, that he recently learned the location of one of these secret prisons, located in the United States, and that “the location is in Crawford, TX, located somewhere under Presidents Bush’s 1600 acre family ranch.”


The 1600 acres that the ranch now sits on in Crawford, was bought in 1999, that same day construction was started on the new house, and underground interrogation facilities. The original completion date of the house was November 7-election day 2000.  


The 10,000 square foot home has a swimming pool, and all the latest amenities.


 “The underground interrogation chambers use the most up-to-date technology, that Tax dollars can buy for torture.” According to Mr. Clearly


Mr. Clearly said, that Vice President Dick Cheney, who is a staunch supporter of Faux News, was more than happy to provide the on hands demonstrations.


Vice President Cheney told Mr. Clearly, that he could try some of the equipment first hand, to prove that the techniques are not torture, but merely intense interrogations.


Mr. Clearly said that he was first able to try out the chamber, where the ‘Evil Doers’ are subjected to loud rock and roll music for a few hours; Mr. Clearly asked if he could hear some Rolling Stones.


Mr. Clearly said that in the next chamber, he was offered the chance to try out the sleep deprivation room, but he said he was so excited, that he couldn’t sleep if he wanted to.


So, next up was the Chamber were they put you in and uncomfortable position, and keep you like that for a few hours. Mr. Clearly said, “When he was done, that the crick in his back, was no longer there, and that his back, never felt better.”


Finally Mr. Clearly had a chance to asked Vice President Cheney, about the most controversial technique, Water Boarding.


The VP said, “that most of those that have been interrogated with the other techniques, look forward to the water boarding, because it’s very refreshing.”


Mr. Clearly said he told the VP, “that it sounds cool, and wanted to give it a try.”


The demonstration ended after a couple of hours of water boarding, and Mr. Clearly said, “that it reminded him of some of the attractions at various water parks around the country.”


He did say that a night person, who did not like rock and roll, staying in one position for long periods, and who was adverse to water, might find these techniques as persuasive, and forceful.


Mr. Clearly went on to say that, “the twelve hours spent with the VP, was not only mentally stimulating, but would also put at ease those who call this torture.


Vice President Cheney said to Mr. Clearly, “Jack I looked forward to your report, and that finally the World will see the whole story, and that we do not torture.”



Next week, tune in to see Jack C. Clearly’s second part to this story, where you will learn how some in the Saudi Prince’s entourage to Crawford, TX helped with demonstrations on the latest techniques.


Jack C. Clearly is a contributor for Faux News Channel
And was the Southwest Director for the 2004 re-elect Bush/Cheney campaign




SEPTEMBER 18, 2006

When President George W. Bush talks about Iraq these days, he now only speaks of Baghdad, and when he does, he calls it “The Battle for Baghdad” and says that it is now, the most important area of Iraq, which must be stabilized.


You may ask, why Bush only speaks of Baghdad. Bush and the Pentagon no longer feel that they can secure the whole country, even with the Iraqi security forces, that are slowly coming to form.


So the Pentagon is looking to Afghanistan as a model for Iraq, and to be more precise, the Pentagon will use Kabul, Afghanistan, as the model for Baghdad, Iraq.


You may recall that in Afghanistan, the capitol Kabul, is really the only secured city in Afghanistan, and that it’s President Hamid Karzai, has little control outside the city.

Outside of Kabul, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda, have regained control over much of the smaller towns.

The United States had about 20,000 troops, and NATO commander Gen. James L. Jones has another 18,500 troops, and Poland, committing 1,000 more troops. 

Which is another story. Back to Iraq.

There is another section of Iraq, called Al Anbar, which is now controlled by insurgents, along with the Iraqi al-Qaeda group, and is no longer controlled by the Iraqi government.

The capital of Al Anbar is Ar Ramadi. Anbar is the largest province in Iraq, sharing a border with Syria, Jordan (undefined), and Saudi Arabia. Al Anbar, which is a 50,000 square mile area of Iraq, is located in the southwestern portion of Iraq.

The Washington Post reported on September 11, 2006, that, according to a recent U. S. Marine Corps secret report, "The prospects for securing that country's western Anbar province are dim and, there is almost nothing the U.S. Military can do to improve the political and social situation there."

Reporting that there is no functioning Iraqi government institutions in Anbar, leaving a vacuum, that has been filled by insurgent and the group al-Qaeda in Iraq, which has become the province's most significant political force.

Another person familiar with the report described "Anbar as beyond repair"; a third said the report, "concludes that the United States has lost in Anbar."

OK, now that you know about Al Anbar, and why we cannot control it, the parallel to Afghanistan, and the capitol of Kabul, should be clear.

The U.S. Military is actually talking about building a moat around Baghdad, consisting of sandbars, or mounds of sand, that would help keep suicide car bombers out of the city.

The main focus of the U.S. Military will be to secure Baghdad at all costs, and forget about securing the rest of the country, as in Kabul, Afghanistan.

One only has to think back to the pre-War planning where General Shinseki, recommended 300,000 to 400,000 troops, to keep the peace, and maintain security after the War was fought.

But, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld fired the General, and threaten to fire anyone else who recommended more troops.

So, as with Afghanistan where our troops are destined to stay for sometime to come, so shall be the destiny of our troops in Iraq.

And still, nobody is looking for Osama Bin Laden.

All because the Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, thought he knew better than our Generals…



U. S. Marine Corps

September 11, 2006

al-Qaeda in Iraq,

War, Fear, and Security
By: David Phillips
September 4, 2006

Congress is about to return from their summer vacation this week, and they only have one agenda, to maintain control of the House and Senate with this Novembers election.
The GOP is losing on all issues in every poll, except for one issue, and that is Homeland Security. And the GOP is starting to lose their slim lead, on Homeland Security.
The voting public has now realized that the Iraq war has nothing to do with our Homeland Security. Even when Bush says stupid things like," were fighting them, so we don't have to fight them here".
So the GOP will attempt to prove that they are better at securing our Seaports, our Airports, our Borders, and the War in Iraq.
These are the main topics that they will be discussing until the November election.
You will hear a lot more about potential terrorist planning evil things, to help you achieve a little anxiety.
And, you will hear Bush say things like, were winning the War, which as a matter of fact he just said a couple of days ago.
Lets start with our Seaports, February of this year we learned that our Government, with the approval of George W. Bush, were about to sell six of our major seaports to United Arab Emirates, who just a couple of years earlier, were providing banking services to Al-Qaeda.
Remember the big out cry over this sale, and Bush said that the UAE government could be trusted.
Remember when Bush caved in and said we will have a forty-five day cooling down period, and reconsider the sale?
Remember that?
Well, six days after Bush made the promise, the UAE sale went through.
The UAE now has control of six of our major seaports, but our government did say that they must sell the six ports to an American company as soon as possible.
They have yet to find a buyer.
Now Bush wants to change the law, regarding foreign ownership of U.S. airlines.
Current law limits foreign ownership of our international airlines to twenty five percent.
As your reading this, Bush is promoting a bill in congress that would change that law, and allow foreign countries to own more than fifty percent, which would give the buyer controlling interest in the airline.
I think that even with an out cry by the public, Bush would still push for this legislation.
Now about our Border Security.
Earlier this year we learned that the vetting process for hiring border patrol agents is out sourced to a hiring firm, which is supposed to do background checks.
It was discovered that some of the people they hired, were themselves illegal aliens.
The border patrol agency said, that they have discontinued using outside sources to do background checks.
Also earlier this year, we learned that the uniforms that the borders patrol agent's wear are made in Mexico.
Where they could be stolen, and used by people who have other things in mind besides patrolling our borders.
The border patrol agency said, that they can make them cheaper in Mexico, than in the United States.
The Mexican Army has been escorting Drug Cartels with their drugs, and illegal aliens across our borders.
DHS Sect. Chertoff when asked about this, said that he was aware of this, but people should not worry about it, he said that it's really not a problem.
Chertoff acknowledged that he was aware of at least 320 incursions across our borders.
Don't you feel safer, just thinking about the GOP maintaining power?
BY: David Phillips
August 28, 2006
WASHINGTON - David Safavian a former Bush administration official and former chief of staff of the General Services Administration, who was convicted of illegal business transactions with disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, wants a new trial.
David Safavian's lawyer, argued in court that e-mails between Abramoff and Safavian were improperly submitted at trial.
The e-mails show, Abramoff and Safavian exchanging information regarding two pieces of GSA-controlled property, which either Abramoff wanted for himself or for his clients.
Most of the e-mails were written when Safavian was on a golfing trip given to him by Abramoff.
U.S. District Judge Paul Friedman had already made his decision about the e-mails at the trial.
A federal jury in June found that Safavian was hiding details of his association with Abramoff from a GSA ethics lawyer.
The GSA's Inspector General's office, along with the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, said Safavian did block the IG from the investigation.
Safavian's lawyer, Barbara Van Gelder, filed a request for a new trial last month.
Safavian could face up to five years in prison on each of the four counts. Safavian was acquitted of obstructing the Senate probe.
By: David Phillips
August 21, 2006
So, let me get this straight, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and all of the other moral Christians in the United States, all say that you can not have an abortion, and you challenge their principled decisions.
You dare to think that YOU have the right to make decisions, regarding your own body, and that of your unborn child.
Our President, George W. Bush, has had some very deep thoughts about the subject of abortion, and with the guidance of his spiritual advisors, the President, the man who has spoken to God almighty himself, now knows what's best for all women, and their body's.
This is, the United States of America, where everyone has the obligation, to follow the judgments of their officially elected President, and his religious mentors.
Is that not good enough for you?
But, you say that you're not a Christian, so what, that does not matter, you're still a female, and the President knows what's best for all women, regardless of their faith, God told him so.
When will the female citizens of the United States, realize, that the President, and Christian leaders like Jerry Falwell, know more about giving birth, and what's best for all unborn children, than any women possibly could.
This is 2006, for God's sake, the dawn of the new millennium, the age of man, the time for Christian obedience.
The time when women understand there role in life, the time when women go forth and have children, the time when women do what their Christian leaders, and their President tell them.
Remember, President Bush has been in direct contact with God, he knows who's been naughty or nice.
Praises for George W. Bush, and the entire Christian leadership, because without them, people would still continue to think for themselves.
Can I get a hallelujah?

Which Country, Which Ally, Which Friend

By: David Phillips

August 7, 2006



I find it odd, that Israel, which is a friend, and ally of the United States, receives little, or no support, from most of my friend's, who are liberals like myself.


I also find it odd, that those on the right, who rarely agree with me, and my friend's on the left, have shown a strong support for Israel.


Now, I know that most on the left find War wrong, as any sane person would, and because of these feelings, my friend's won't support Israel, fine.


But, what I truly don't understand, is how in the world, they support the Hezbolah terrorists in Lebanon.


The terrorists are not our friends, the terrorists are not our allies, but most of my friend's on the left, seem to have no problem what so ever, supporting the Hezbolah terrorists, while Israel, who is our friend, and who is our ally, they Hate.


Israel did not start this current fight, Hezbolah did, but for some reason, that doesn't matter to most of my friend's.


Some have said, that Israel is more powerful, and should use restraint, this to, I don't understand, because the Hezbolah terrorist's, are not using any restraint.


Hezbolah has fired over 3000 missiles and rockets into Israel, the Israeli government said, 90 Israeli's have been killed, 50 of them civilians, including women and children.


An Associated Press count showed at least 567 Lebanese have been killed, including 489 civilians confirmed dead by the Health Ministry. The Lebanese government‘s Higher Relief Council said 907 Lebanese had been killed in the conflict, and again many are women and children.


But almost all my friend’s mourn for the loss of the Lebanese women and children, but not a peep from them about the Israeli women and children.


Why are my friend's on the left, finding the deaths of Lebanese women, and children, more important than the death's of Israeli women and children?


Are there any Allies, Friends, or Countries that my friend's would support, if attacked by terrorists?


Israel did not ask for this, and to hate them for protecting its citizens is Shameful.


All Wars suck, and I hate all War’s, but when you get smacked in the face, and backed into a corner, you either defend yourself, or you Die...




Politician’s and Big Oil Companies go Hand in Hand

By: David Phillips

July 31, 2006



The price of a gallon of gas goes up almost on a daily basis; the price of a barrel of oil is floating between $70.00-75.00, our politicians say that they have no control over the price at the pumps, the Oil companies say that they have no control over the price at the pump.


Who then, has control over the prices at the pumps?


Is it the stock market, is it Dick Cheney, is it OPEC?


Here are some facts that we do know:


Oil consumption has increased more that 60 percent since 2000


The cost of a Barrel of Oil has risen from $19.00 to $75.00 in 6 years


Oil companies are making record profits


We’re told the oil consumption in China, and India has increased considerably, causing more competition in the market which again increases the prices


Bush’s War’s increase the prices of oil


Hurricanes increase the prices of oil


The mere talk of a possible War with Iran has increased the price of oil


Refineries are at full capacity, which limits supply


All of the facts that I have listed above, have at one time or another, been used by Oil companies, and our politicians for their justifications of the increase in prices at the pumps.


So the question then, on who has control over the prices at the pumps, still isn’t clear.


I have listed many reasons why it is up, but still there are lingering questions.


Such as, the cost to refine the oil into gasoline has not changed. Wages for labor are pretty much the same, maybe a little lower because they hire foreign workers for less pay.


The refineries haven’t changed, other than maintenance; they’re already in place.

The distribution network is the same. The station owners are pretty much the same.


So, has the answer been right in front of us the whole time?


      Better cars with higher MPG ratings

      Building more Refineries

      Alternative fuels, and Hybrids cars

      An end to War

      More oil produced here in the United States

      A Regime change in Washington


All of the above mentioned ideas would certainly help drive down the costs at the pumps, right?


Better cars with higher MPG ratings.

Bush, just this year has set new standards for gas mileage in trucks, and cars.


But his standards are only for an increase of a couple of miles per gallon, and it’s over a 12 year timetable.


Building more refineries,

Bush has offered billions in tax breaks for oil companies to build more refineries.


Exxon past so did the other five big oil companies.


Why, because with more refineries, there’s more supply, and more supply means lower prices, and lower prices mean less Profit.


Alternative fuels, and Hybrids cars

This will also increase our supply, because we would use less gas.


Hybrid cars are starting to be more popular because of the today’s cost of gas. But they only account for a small percentage of the cars now on the road.


Alternative fuels

Once they figure out how to produce fuels without expending large amounts of energy, they may someday come into play, in a much larger roll.


An end to War

This will take some time, but if we ever have peace in the middle east, that will lower the prices at the pumps. But don’t hold your breath.


More oil produced here in the United States.

About six weeks ago a bill came before Congress, which dealt with Oil Drilling off the Coasts of Miami, and California.


The Republicans shot it down, because they did not want to take a chance of ruining the Tourist Industry.


This past week, the Senate began work on a bill to allow Oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico.


A Regime change in Washington
This November, and again in November of 2008 will give us the opportunity to see if the Democrats can do any better. They say they can, they haven't explained how yet, but I'm more than willing to give them a chance.


The Republicans have only one idea for every, and all policies, and that's "Stay The Course".


I think a Change of Course is what's needed.


In the meantime, it looks as if there may be a War coming with Iran, which will drive up prices even more, even if there is no War with Iran, the mere talk of War influences the price of oil.


I think that the only thing that we can do at the present time is to try and conserve oil as much as possible.


Did I mention, that a Regime change in Washington might help…


The Bumper Sticker President
By: David Phillips
July 16, 2006

President Bush loves to use bumper sticker slogans when talking to people without a scripted speech. I believe this is due to the fact that his memory is geared towards short and simple words.

Remember those Presidential words from Bush's lips, "The Axis of Evil,"" Bring Um On", and "Dead or Alive", and these two "Freedom is on the March," because "They hate us for our Freedoms."

How about this one, "I'm a Fiscal Conservative", Bush likes using this one when talking about the economy.

"I'm a War President", or my personal favorite, "I'm a Compassionate Conservative".

And remember these ditties  "Your Either with Us, or your Against Us", and the old fall back, "Stay the Course". Bush really likes, staying the course, because he can get as many Americans killed, and give billions of tax dollars to Cheney's friends at Halliburton.

And his supporters, still call him a strong President, because he doesn't waiver, he "Stays the Course."

But I think my favorite Bush Bumper Sticker slogans, are the ones where he does battle with his own individuality, or personality.


       I’m a Uniter, not a Divider.

       I’m a War President.

       I’m the Decider.

       I’m a Compassionate Conservative.

       I’m a Fiscal Conservative.


If it fits on a bumper sticker, sooner or later, you’ll hear it come out of Bush’s mouth…



Bush's Fear Factor
By: David Phillips
July 10, 2006

This week we learned that Bush had disbanded the agents assigned to track down OBL (Osama Bin Laden); their code name was, Alec Station.

Why has Bush stopped looking for OBL?

Because the biggest thing that Bush, and Republicans have to rally the masses behind them, is the Fear of Terror.

The last two elections, Right Wing Fear Mongers have been shouting to Americans, that the terrorists could be anywhere, and only Republicans can keep you safe.

If OBL were captured or killed, the Republican use of the Fear Factor (not the TV show) would be harder to sell.

Yes, even if OBL were killed, there would still be terrorists, but your average American mostly sees OBL as the so-called 'Head of the Snake'.

You may have notice over the last several weeks that terror, and terrorists, have been creeping back into the headlines.

A couple of months ago Right Wing Talking Heads, retold a story from a book that was recently published, about how terrorists plotted to use cyanide to kill people in the subways of NY, but the terrorists changed their minds, because it would not kill enough people.

The FBI, and the CIA both said the story from the book was a fabrication. 

Three weeks ago the FBI arrested seven people in a sting operation in Miami who wanted blow up the Sears building in Chicago, even though they had no bombs or bomb making materials. As part of the sting, an undercover FBI agent offered to give them 50 grand to get things rolling.

This past week, the FBI, announced that they have captured 3 of 8 people, who were plotting to blow up a tunnel for trains that run under the river in NY, in hopes of flooding Manhattan.

Manhattan is twelve feet above sea level, flooding the tunnel, would not flood Manhattan. These terrorists also had no bombs, or bomb making material. In fact none of them were even in the United States, the ringleader was captured in Lebanon, were he confessed.

The Republicans, at the direction of Karl Rove, will be talking about terror as much as possible during this election year. Republicans are going to use the playbook they used, the last two elections.

That playbook consists of Fear, Gay Marriage, Flag Burning, English only, and more Fear, they really like fear.

The Fear Factor…Be afraid, be real afraid…



Lobbying Reform Must Include the Family
By: David Phillips
July 10, 2006

There are many things that must be changed when it comes to Lobby Reform, among them; families of our elected officials need to be considered in any reform.

The lobbyists, are hiring the wives and other family members to do meaningless jobs, and are being paid outrageous amounts of money, as favors to the elected official, or to add undo influence, on the elected official, by someone in the family.

These family members can have a very strong influence; here is one example of potential influence by a family member (overstated), in this case the wife:

Imagine if you will, the wife of an elected official, is hired by a lobbyist from the defense industry, the defense contractor wants to sell the government a new truck, that has Stealth capabilities.

So the elected official comes home from a hard days work at the office, (you really need to use you imagination here) and his wife is waiting for him, with a Scotch in one had, and a blue pill in the other hand.

So the elected official puts the little blue pill in his mouth, and washes it down with the Scotch. About an hour later, he's raring to go, so he goes up stairs were his wife is waiting for him, nude in the bed.

The elected official, strips down, and is about to jump into the bed, and into his waiting wife.

But at the last moment, the wife backs away, and stands next to the bed and says honey; I want to talk to you about this cool truck that my company is making.

This example, may or may not be exaggerated you can decide that for yourself, but I think you get my point how family members can have undo influence on an elected official, and must be considered in any Lobby Reform bill.



Hillary Clinton
By: David Phillips
July 10, 2006

Sometime next year in 2007, when Democrats, and Republicans begin to jockey for positions for the there parties Presidential nominations, Hillary, will be the front runner for the Democrats in the polls, mostly due to her name recognition. 

As time goes by, and other Democrats get their names and policy positions out to the public, Hillary's poll numbers will start to fall.

Hillary will be the focal point for any and all Republican bashing at the Democrats. It will be as if she has a big target painted on her back for right wing talking heads to take aim. They will be pounding on her, hour after hour, day after day.

I don't think Hillary will get the party nomination from the Democrats because of many reasons, among them, is her pro War stance. But what she will do, is deflect a lot of bashing from the right wing talking heads, so that others, will be able to get their messages heard, and not drowned out by the right wing controlled media.

My personal opinion is that Hillary Clinton would make an outstanding President, but she carries a lot of baggage, including Bill Clinton, who could be considered a hindrance in some circles.

For me Bill Clinton was a great President, no War, strong Economy, a surplus of money in our treasury, Social Security was solvent, cared about the environment, and the list goes on.

But to others, Bill Clinton is the President who had sex, and cheated on his wife, and lied about it.

So, for people like me, who thought Bill Clinton was a great President, there thinking if Hillary were to run for President, and win, it would be like hitting the jackpot, two for the price of one. Bubba would be the first Gentleman, close by to offer advise if it were sought out.

Most people on both sides of the political aisle feel that Hillary will be running. Hillary has over twenty seven million in campaign donations in her coffers, and if she were to run, she would have no problems raising more money.

I guess will all just have to wait and see what 2007 brings us, and keep in mind that Hillary is now, and forever will be, the person, that Republicans love to hate...



JULY 3, 2006

On Sept 24, 2001, President Bush in a speech, talks about how America will be working with Banks around the world, to track money going to Terror Organizations.

In 2002, then Treasury Secretary John Snow, in a speech, talks about how America is currently working with Banks, through the SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) program, to track money going to Terror Organizations.

2006, the NY Times, prints a story, about how America is working with Banks to track money going to Terror Organizations.

President Bush, and the Republican Congress, then brand the NY Times as Unpatriotic, and Treasonous, for telling secrets to our enemies.

The Wall Street Journal, a Conservative paper, printed the same story, on the same day, as the NY Times, but it was the NY Times only, who were called Unpatriotic and Treasonous

Why is Bush, not labeled Unpatriotic, he was first to tell the world, and the terrorists of the secret program in his 2001 speech?

Why is former Treasury Secretary Snow, not labeled Unpatriotic, he also told everyone, including the terrorists about the top-secret program?

Why is the Wall Street Journal, not labeled Unpatriotic, they too, wrote about the top-secret program, could it be that the terrorists don't read the Wall Street Journal?

Bush, the Republican Congress, and the Right Wing spin machine, have painted a target on the NY Times, only because they're seen as a liberal paper.

Some people say, Bush is a patriot, because he's a "War President", and is responsible for spreading democracy throughout the world.

Bush says, "Freedom is on the March", "You are either with us, or against us", with the "War on Terror."

Treasury Secretary Snow in some circles is also considered a patriot; he's one of the men behind what is theoretically seen, as a great economic turn around in our country.

While at the same time, Secretary Snow made life much harder on middle class America, as he helped Bush to engineer an Eight Trillion Dollar deficit, the largest deficit in the history of the United States. 

Everything that the NY Times, and the Wall Street Journal printed, was already available to the public, all they did was write about what Bush, and Secretary Snow spoke about in previous speeches.

Even the secret banking company SWIFT, who are located in Belgium, and are responsible for tracking the financial transactions of 7,800 banks, in over 200 countries, this same program that Bush, Snow, The Wall Street Journal, and the NY Times all alluded to, is not very secret, they even have a web site, it's www.swift.com

Everyone who has access to a computer, and the Internet, have been able to read about this so-called secret for years, including terror organizations, so really, it's no secret after all.

The Whitehouse, after shouting lies of treason, whispered last week, that the story that the NY Times printed, most likely won't change anything with the terrorists, but that it may have made some banks think about the Swift program.

But few can hear the whispers from the Whitehouse, over the continued shouting of their lies of Treason.

I think that the real outrage is that Bush and Congress are vilifying the NY Times, for information that is publicly available. All the while distracting the voting public, from real issues such as immigration, high gas prices, FEMA, corruption, secret prisons, runaway prescription drug costs, WAR, and the list goes on.

For George W Bush, and the right wing spin machine, the NY Times is nothing more than fodder for smoke and mirrors…



By: David Phillips
June 26, 2006

Earlier this year it was leaked that Bush authorized the NSA (National Security Agency) to wiretap phone calls, and intercept e-mails, by suspected al-Qaeda terrorists, calling, or e-mailing people in the United States, without obtaining a warrant.

Bush boldly stood at the podium, and proclaimed to the world, "If al-Qaeda terrorists are calling, or e-mailing people in the United States, we want to know about it."

The Democrats were in an uproar, they said you're supposed to get a warrant; you can't just eavesdrop on people, or intercept e-mails, without a warrant.

Bush said, that when Congress gave him approval for War, they also gave him the authority to do what ever it takes, to protect the American people.

So the Democrats said fine, but you must get still a warrant first from FISA, (Foreign Intelligence Security Act) it's required. The Democrats said, that FISA lets you even eavesdrop on someone, and wait up to 72 hours, before obtaining the warrant.

Well, that wasn't good enough for Bush; he said, that the Democrats, don't want to protect Americans, they're unpatriotic.

Then all the Republicans in Congress, starting saying, if al-Qaeda is calling someone here, we want to know about it, and that the Democrats can't protect you, they're unpatriotic.

Then all the Right Wing talking heads, started saying, if al-Qaeda is calling people here, we want to know about it, and that the Democrats, couldn't protect you, their soft on terrorism, their unpatriotic.

That put a stop to the Democratic uproar, for a couple of weeks.

Next, we learned that Bush asked the telephone companies, to give the NSA access to ALL the calls that their customers make. The NSA now has access to over 200 million American call records, and all other forms of electronic communications.

Bush, again stood at the podium, and said, "If al-Qaeda is communicating with people here in the United States, we want to know about it."

Again, there was uproar from the Democrats, and this time they learned that the Telephone Companies just gave the NSA the information, all but one or two of them.

So Bush; and his spin machine all began saying that the Democrats don't want to protect Americans, they're unpatriotic.

All the Republicans in Congress began saying, if al-Qaeda is communicating with people here in the United States, we want to know about it, and don't forget that the Democrats, can't protect you, they're unpatriotic.

Then in unison all the Right Wing talking heads, started saying, if al-Qaeda is communicating with people here in the United States, we want to know about it, and everyone knows that the Democrats, can't protect you, their soft on terrorism, their unpatriotic, and they want to cut and run.

Again, that put a stop to the Democratic uproar, for a few more weeks.

Now we learn that Bush is using broad ranging subpoenas, that allow our counterterrorism groups to analyze on average 11 million records per day from the data base of a Belgium company that routes financial transactions for more than 7,800 banks in more that 200 countries,

So this time, Bush's new mouthpiece, Tony Snow said; "If people are sending money to help al-Qaeda, we want to know about it."

That brings us to the present, were this week we can all expect the Democrats to be in an uproar, over the latest revelation to Bush's spy programs.

We should also expect Bush, and his spin machine to be in full gear. I'm sure that we will hear Bush say, if al-Qaeda is receiving money, we want to know about it.

The Republicans in Congress this week will be saying, if al-Qaeda is receiving money, we want to know about it, and by the way, don't forget that the Democrats, can't protect you, they're unpatriotic.

And again, in unison, this week all the Right Wing talking heads, will be saying, if al-Qaeda is receiving money, we want to know about it, and remember, everyone knows that the Democrats can't protect you, their soft on terrorism, their unpatriotic, and they want to cut and run.

Before I end this, you should all know, that a company called Choice Point, has compiled a data base with more that two billion medical records on American citizens.

As far as everyone's education records, they are already public. I don't know who has compiled a database of those education records, but I'm sure someone has.

Oh ya, your Internet provider is giving the NSA a database of all the web sites you go to.

So the next time that your government says to you, we want to know about it…

They probably all ready do…




Politics as Usual in Washington

By: David Phillips

June 19, 2006


The last two weeks have seen lots of movement from our President, and those in Congress.


President Bush, in a move to energize his religious right wing base, tried to get an amendment to ban Gay Marriage passed, and he also made a surprise visit to Iraq,


Meanwhile, back in Washington, Congress voted on a nonbinding agreement on Iraq, which basically said that we will “Stay the Course”, and they also voted, on a bill that would make it illegal to burn the American Flag.


Burning the American Flag, I must not get out enough, because I have not seen a lot of people burning the American Flag, except for some Muslims in foreign countries, on the News. I wonder if we did approve a Flag Burning law, if those same Muslims would obey it.


Congress, is also trying to energize their voter base, and to make Democrats look weak as if they want to “Cut and Run” from Iraq.


Congress proclaimed with their vote to the American people, and the rest of the world, that we Republicans, are willing to have more that eight hundred American Soldiers Killed, each and every year, for as many years, as it take to win the War on Terror.


That number eight hundred is about the average number of dead American soldiers that Bush and his Crusade have gotten killed, each year, for the last three years.


The Pentagon announced last week that 2500 American soldiers have been killed so far.


The Republican Congress went on to proclaim, that they have no problem spending Eight Billion each week, again, for as long as it takes, to win the War on Terror.


The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) said that by years end, we will have spent, close to a half a Trillion dollars, on Bush’s Crusades in Iraq, and Afghanistan.


So, we have a President who wants to ban Gay Marriages, a Congress who wants to ban Flag burning, as well as staying the course in Iraq, and as usual, American citizens are ignored.


President Bush, and his minions in Congress, think Flag Burning, and Gay Marriage, is what Americans are most concerned with.



Americans, really want to see lower gas prices, lower utility prices, lowering of our Eight Trillion dollar debt, an answer to Illegal Immigration, securing our borders, and seaports, as well as, an end to the War in Iraq, just for starters.


Well this past week has been business as usual in Washington.


Oh ya, I almost forgot, with Congress being so hard at work, taking care of the Peoples business, they also voted to give themselves a pay raise.


That’s right, these hard working elected officials, gave themselves a 2.7 percent pay increase, a raise from $165,200 to $168,500.


This November 7, make sure, you get out and vote, and tell those elected officials, enough is enough.


Next week, another burning issue with Americans, English only.




Thank God for President Bush
By: David Phillips
June 4, 2006

Americans are concerned about major issues that are facing us in the United States today. Issues like, the Iraq War, a 9 Trillion dollar national debt, the immigration issue, NSA spying on all American citizens, or Health Care.

Well, do not fear, President Bush is here.

In this weekend radio address, President Bush said that he hears you loud and clear, he will not rest, until only a Marriage between a Man and a Woman is made into a Constitutional Law.

That's right, President Bush, is taking it upon himself, to tackle the single most important issue that our nation faces today, Gay Marriage.

But you say, wait a second, Americans are dying in Iraq everyday, we face the biggest deficit in the history of our nation, millions of illegal aliens are pouring into our country through our unsecured boarders, the NSA (National Security Agency) is spying on over 200 Million American citizens, and 49 Million American are without any form of Health Care, how did Gay Marriage jump to the head of the line?

President Bush knows that Gay Marriage is the number one issue, because God told him so (and his Right Wing Christian base) that's how.

Just like Bush has claimed in the past that God told him to attack Afghanistan, and Iraq, God also told him to stop Gay Marriage.

Aren't you glad, that President Bush has a one on one relationship with the Almighty?

God doesn't speak to just anyone. We now know, that God speaks with the President, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and, that at one time, God spoke with John Denver, may he rest in peace.

So when President Bush says that Gay Marriage is the single most important issue facing Americans today, we should believe him, because God told him so.

Thank God for President Bush…



By: David Phillips
May 15, 2006

A few months back, it was leaked to the press that Bush, was having the National Intelligence Agency (NSA), intercept phone calls, and e-mails that were made to the United States, from suspected Al-Qaeda members.

The whole country was in an uproar, how dare this President wiretap American Citizens.

Bush stood before the Nation, and said, "I'm the President, and it's my job to protect American citizens from terrorists."

The only problem Americans had with Bush's wiretapping program was, that the President was by-passing the courts, meaning he wasn't getting a warrant first, which is required by law, not to mention the 4th Amendment.

In fact, the Federal Intelligence Security Act (FISA) allows the government two weeks, leeway.  The government could wiretap first, then have up to fourteen days to go before FISA, and submit the paper work for a warrant.

That wasn't good enough for Bush, he said, "Congress authorized him to use whatever is needed to stop the Evil Doers." Meaning, he is of the opinion that he just does not need a warrant.

Well, there were enough Republicans who were pissed off about it, that they asked the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, to investigate to see if the NSA had broken any laws.

The NSA told the Attorney General, that the surveillance program was top secret, and that they cannot be investigated because of National Security.

So, the Attorney General said, oh well, I guess that's that.

Now we learn that the NSA has compiled a database with Billions, that's Billions (with a B) of phone calls, made by over 200 million Americans here in the United States.

Again, there's a uproar across the country, how dare President Bush wiretap Millions of American Citizens.

And again, Bush stood before the Nation, and said, "I'm the President, and it's my job to protect American citizens from terrorists."

Of course, the President said, that he did not need a warrant, because (can you guess what he said?) "Congress authorized him to use whatever is needed to stop the Evil Doers."

Now Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), the head of the Judiciary Committee, said that he was going to start an investigation, to see if the President exceeded his authority.

I wonder what the NSA is going to tell Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) when he comes a knocking.

Care to guess?

The President has set himself up, so that there is ZERO accountability. In the name of National Security, no one is allowed to investigate his illegal wiretapping programs.

What will happen when and if, we learn that the President, and the NSA have compiled a database, consisting of everyone's Health records, Education records, and Financial records?

Will the whole country be in an uproar again, and shout out, how dare this President compile personal information on all American Citizens?

Will The NSA tell the Attorney General, that the surveillance programs are top secret, and that; they cannot be investigated because of National Security?

Will Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), start another investigation?

Will President Bush give a Shit what people say?

Care to make one more Guess?

Warrants, I don't need no stinken Warrants…



Bush: Still Misleading and Misdirecting American citizens

By: David Phillips

March 26, 2006


President George W. Bush must be living in a Dream World.


He continues to tell us that things in Iraq are getting better, but American Citizens must make more sacrifices.


The other day Bush said that we are winning the War in Iraq. But he has yet to say exactly what a WIN is.


Bush still tries to link Iraq and Saddam to 911.


When asked directly about that link, Bush has said that there is NO connection between Iraq, and 911.


But in just about every speech when talking about the Iraq War, he also brings up 911 as if the two were inseparable.


Just once I'd like to hear Bush make a speech about the War in Iraq, and not mention 911, just Once.


To this day Dick Cheney still maintains that there is a link with Al-Qaeda and Saddam and Iraq.


Dick Cheney said that Iraq was in the process of restarting its Nuclear program, and that he envisioned a Mushroom Cloud somewhere in the United States, and that Iraq could hit us in 45 minutes.


Condi Rice was running around saying pretty much the same thing.


We were told that Iraq was a Threat to the United States because of its WMD's.




We were told that we would be greeted as Liberators.




We were told that our Troops would be home by December of 2003.




We were told that the cost of the War would be about 1.5 Billion.




We were told that the Oil would pay for the Reconstruction of Iraq.




The only consistent thing that Bush has gotten right is that he's been 100 percent WRONG.


And we’re only talking about his Foreign Policy. His Domestic Policies have had the same consistency.



Wrong Wrong Wrong.


David Phillips



See no Evil, Speak no Evil, and Hear no Evil

By: David Phillips

February 20, 2006



Which topic or topics has Whitehouse Press Secretary, Scott McClellan, misled, misdirected, lied about, or avoided talking about altogether, when he said:” I have not seen any reports, or heard about that”, or “There’s an on going investigation, and I will not comment on that at this time”, or “ I think we have discussed everything there is about this subject, I’m moving on, next Question”


A)   Bush and Cheney’s secret Energy meetings.

B)   The Valerie Plame CIA Leak.

C)   The $9.3 Trillion National Debt

D)   The failed Federal response to Hurricane Katrina.

E)   Dick Cheney’s release of Classified Information to the press, 

       via Scooter Libby, because he was pissed off at former 

       Ambassador Joe Wilson.

F)   The investigation into illegal NSA wiretaps of American


G)   No Bid Contracts to Halliburton and its subsidiaries.

H)   The recent release of information regarding NASA’s cover-

       up on Global Warming by its PR department.

  I)   The Tom Delay corruption Scandal.

 J)   The Whitehouse saying that they know where the WMD’s are, 

       and their failure to find the WMD’s in Iraq.

K)   The Jack Abramoff Corruption scandals.

L)   The sale of six major U.S. ports to the UAE (United Arab 

       Emirates) whose country was the Operational and Financial 

       base for the attacks on 911.

M)  China manufacturing Missile components for the Defense 


N)   The Mexican Army escorting Drug Cartels into the United 


O)   The Abu Ghraib Torture cover-ups.

P)   The Guantanimo Bay Prison Torture cover-ups.

Q)   Tax breaks for only the richest people in America, and 

       Subsidies and Tax breaks to his buddies at the Oil 


R)   The failure of Bush’s Medicare drug Plan.

S)   The lies of the cost of Bush’s Medicare Drug Plan, Bush said 

       it would cost $320 Billion, when in reality; it’s going to cost 

       $860 Billion.

T)    Dick Cheney shooting a Lawyer.

U)   Bush eliminating Overtime Pay to over 6 Million American 


V)   Bush making it very difficult to declare Bankruptcy, even if you 

       loose your job due to Health reasons, or if your company 

       outsourced your job to a foreign company.

W)  Bush giving Tax Breaks to companies who outsource jobs to 

       foreign Nations.

X)   Bush spending $1.3 Billion on propaganda stories right here 

       in the United States.

Y)   Bush not attending any Funerals of the more than 2265 dead Americans from his Wars.

Z)   Bush’s Policies of Staying the Course, because there are not enough Americans who are willing to say, “Enough is Enough, Impeach the Bums”.


Whitehouse Press Secretary, Scott McClellan has misled, has misdirected, has avoided talking about, and has knowingly lied, about all of these topics, at one time or another.


McClellan has had plenty of help from the Media, particularly from the spineless Whitehouse press corps, which has made McClellan’s job that much easier, because they’re afraid, and refuse to ask the hard questions.


Martin Luther King once said; ” Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter”. 


Kings quote is just as important today, as it was forty plus years ago, and in this new century, never have truer words ever been spoken.




David Phillips



Evangelical Christians are trying to stop millions of people from receiving Healthcare


By: David Phillips

January 30, 2006


Are you a Drunk, or former Drunk like President Bush? Are you a Drug addict like Rush Limbaugh? Are you a womanizer like Bill Clinton, or Newt Gingrich?


Are you Gay like Congressmen David Drier R-CA? Are you a Lesbian like Dick Cheney’s daughter?


Or maybe you’re just an immoral person in the eyes of Evangelical Christians.


Well, if you are, the Holy Rolling, Bible Thumbing Evangelical Christians who make up thirty percent of Bush’s base, want to prevent you from receiving Healthcare.


There are currently 19 States, considering 36 different bills by their elected representatives that would:


   Shelter any Doctor, Dentist, Nurse, Aide, Technician, or any other healthcare employee who objects to any procedure, or therapy based on their Christian beliefs.


   Some of the procedure and therapies would be AIDS prevention and treatment, embryonic stem cell research, physician-assisted suicide, alternative in-vitro fertilization procedures, just to name a few.


   Healthcare workers would be able to; refuse any safe sex education, because they only believe in abstinence, and decline any services to gays, or lesbians because they object to there lifestyle


   Protect Pharmacists from dispensing any drug that is contrary to their religious beliefs, such as birth control, or morning after pills.



Edward Martin, from the organization ‘Americans United for Life’ (an Evangelical Christian funded group) is advising the various legislative bodies around the country on how to push the various bills through.


This has become such a hot topic around the country, that many other states are considering similar legislation.


Reception from Conservative politicians is enormous; they know that they must please their voter base.

Conservative politicians say, that these legislative bills are essential to prevent healthcare workers from being forced into doing something that they find morally repulsive, and are in opposition to their religious beliefs.


This is only the beginning, if these diverse bills become laws in their various states, it will empower Evangelical Christians to take their agenda even further.


Next they will look to pass legislation that would prevent people of different religions from receiving healthcare, such as Jews, People of Islam, Buddhists, Hindus, Catholics, and all other religions, not their own.


For several years Americans have been terrorized by Islamic Fundamentalists, America look no further, Evangelical Christian Fundamentalists are the bigger threat, and they’re everywhere. Hell, our President says he’s an Evangelical Christian. Need I say more?


David Phillips


Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff must resign, or be fired.

By: David Phillips

January 23, 2006



Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, has allowed the Mexican military to cross U.S. borders without permission more than 200 times, according to official Homeland Security records obtained by CNN. The incursions have happened all along the border from San Diego to the Rio Grande Valley.


The official story from Border Patrol Agents is: from time to time, they get lost.


The unofficial story from Border Patrol Agents is that, their activities are highly suspicious and they coincide with the movements of the Drug Cartels. Border Patrol agents say that they are encountering heavily armed Mexican soldiers who are suspected of protecting shipments of drugs and people.

Michael Chertoff, said “I think to create the image that somehow there is a deliberate effort by the Mexican military to cross the border would be really to traffic in, you know, kind of scare tactics. I don't think that we have a serious problem with official incursions”.


The Bush Whitehouse and the Department of Homeland Security are downplaying the threats posed by repeated Mexican military incursions into the United States.


A State Department official said that it has had good cooperation with the Mexican government and that these incidents are discussed and typically resolved as they occur.


Exactly how are they resolved? This just sounds like more double-talked from the Bush Administration.


Rep. Rick Renzi R-AZ wrote a letter to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice saying, "This blatant disregard of international law warrants an official dialogue with the Mexican government."


Rep. Renzi said that “he was in a Black Hawk helicopter over the border and you could actually see the Humvees staging a half a mile before the border inside Mexico right around dusk so that they act as the muscle for the drug cartels”.

The Mexican military denies the incursions take place (of course they do), saying its soldiers are ordered to stay a mile away from the border. They also claim U.S. Border Patrol agents may be confusing Mexican soldiers with paramilitary drug runners.

An Army from another country has been crossing illegally into our country protecting smugglers of Drugs and Illegal Aliens, but what does Michael Chertoff say “we should not think too much of it”. This guy is F%&KING OUT OF HIS MIND.


Chertoff went on to say, “he gave the Border Patrol Agency orders to play down any knowledge of the incursions, if asked by the press”. (Meaning, he gave orders for them to LIE).

While were on the subject of Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff, last week he said that the city of Las Vegas would no longer receive funds from Homeland Security to be used to react to any terrorism attacks, saying, “The city is no longer in danger”.


He knows this because he got an e-mail from al-Qaeda saying that they like Las Vegas, and would never doing anything bad to the city, (five of the 911 terrorists were in Las Vegas at some point prior to the attack).


Las Vegas is now the number one tourist destination in the United States; last year over 36 Million tourist visited Las Vegas.


Orlando, Florida, and Hawaii are numbers two, and three respectively.


In 2005, Las Vegas received $8 Million in “threat” grants, and the State of Nevada received $20 Million through other grants.


Chertoff said that he would ‘never play politics with Homeland Security’, but it’s quite obvious that that’s his reason, because Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is from Nevada.


You’re going to love this next part.


The city of North Pole, Alaska (yes, there is a city in Alaska called the North Pole) population 1700, will receive $567,000 to combat terrorism for 2006.


The Bush administration has placed Lawyers and family members of friends in several high level departments that are supposed to protect American citizens.


Do we really want to learn how badly these appointed official are after the damage has been done.


You may remember Michael “Brownie” Brown the Lawyer who was in charge of FEMA.


Bush also has placed a Lawyer, Stewart Simonson to head up America’s protection from the BIRD FLU PANDEMIC that they say may hit us at any time.


Stewart Simonson was a top official at the passenger rail company Amtrak.

Prior to his service at Amtrak, Simonson was an adviser to Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, specializing in crime and prison policy.


Bush recently appointed Julie Myers, to head the Immigration and Customs Enforcement bureau (ICE) at the Department of Homeland Security.


Julie Myers is the niece of former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Richard B. Myers and the wife of the chief of staff to Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff.


Bush continues to surround himself with cronies who keep on hurting this country, because they have little experience, and understandings of their jobs.


I'd would rather have someone like Bill Clinton who cheated on his wife and ran the country right, then George W. Bush who talks like a mentally challenged little boy who’s going to get us all killed, in his Holy war to spread democracy.



David Phillips



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