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JANUARY 11, 2010

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Passenger films Northwest Flight 253 bomb attempt

By: David Phillips

Las Vegas Democrat Examiner

On Northwest flight 253 this past Christmas day as we all now know, a Nigerian man attempted to blow up the plane which thankfully failed. But with nearly 300 passengers and crew on board you would expect that someone with a camera or better yet a camcorder would be filming or taking pictures.

These days most everyone has a cell phone with camera or video capabilities.

Well there was at least one man that we know of that was filming the entire event, witness’s on board mentioned it during the various interviews that we saw after the news broke.

Kurt Haskell and his wife Lori Haskell were interviewed by Erica Hill on CNN, Lori Haskell tells Erica Hill that she noticed a man with a camcorder recording the “entire” event, she said “he was the only one standing filming the entire thing“. The Haskell’s also talk about what they witnessed in Amsterdam before boarding as an unidentified man appeared to be helping the bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab get on board without a passport.

Another passenger, Patricia "Scotty" Keepman tells 620WTMJ's "Wisconsin's Morning News." that she and her family were seated about 20 rows behind Abdulmutallab in a center aisle, and that she saw a man who videotaped the entire flight.

Patricia Keepman went on to say "He sat up and videotaped the entire thing, very calmly. We do know that the FBI is looking for him intensely. Since then, we've heard nothing about it."

There has only been one picture released to the media taken on flight 253 it’s an exclusive on CNN showing uniformed officers removing the Christmas Day bomber from the plane (the picture is seen in the video link above).

Because the man has yet to be tried, and because information on this attempted bombing is still sensitive in nature, the American public won’t be seeing that video anytime soon, if at all, and it seems that the Federal government doesn‘t want to mention it. But what is also even more interesting, is that CNN and other main stream media outlets have yet to follow up with any questions about the man standing with a camcorder filming the bomber on flight 253


Tea Party death threats mimic Muslim Terrorists

By: David Phillips

Las Vegas Democrat Examiner

Mark Fiore a featured editorial cartoonist for the San Francisco Chronicle and their online website has been receiving “death threats” from Tea Party tea baggers because of a cartoon.

You may remember the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard who penned a few cartoons about the Muslim Prophet Mohamed that cause Muslims worldwide to riot and issued death threats for what they called a blasphemous depiction of their Prophet.

Now the Tea Party tea baggers are emulating their Muslim terrorist counterparts.

Mark Fiore made an animated cartoon titled “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” last November which was recently picked up and featured on National Public Radio (NPR), and discussed last night on the Fox opinion show “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly.

And soon after O’Reilly’s show ended the cartoonist, Mark Fiore, started to receive “death threats” from Tea Party tea baggers.

Fiore wrote on his blog a response to those making the death threats:

"Muslim extremist, meet Tea Party extremist. Tea Party extremist, meet Muslim extremist."

“To all of you who have written emails and comments, I really wish I could respond to every one of you. I truly appreciate your taking the time to write, even if we may be on different sides of the political fence. If there is one thing that my politically mixed San Francisco/Idaho background has taught me, it is benefit of continuing a discussion even if you don’t agree. Too often these days, the Left and the Right immediately shut down if you are deemed to be from the opposing camp. Here’s to good discussion even if we don’t agree.”

“Now please don’t kill me.”

Mark Fiore also tweeted the following:

"Ah, nothing like death threats from the Tea Party crew to get your morning started," Death panels, anyone?"

The Tea Party tea baggers who show up at rallies calling President Obama a Nazi, a Marxists, a Socialist, a Communist and any other “ist” they can think of, now proudly emulate their Muslim terrorist counterparts.

These are the same people that Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity like to call “real Americans”.

Tea Party tea baggers who say they respect the constitution and the 1st amendment which covers freedom of speech obviously have no respect for the constitution or freedom of speech. But they do believe in making “death threats” just like their Muslim terrorist brothers in Arms.

Here is the video “Learn to Speak Tea Bag” by Marl Fiore:


Gun at New Mexico teabaggers tea party

By: David Phillips

Las Vegas Democrat Examiner

Alamogordo, New Mexico-This past Saturday about 300 real Americans, in real America showed up to express their dismay of President Barack Obama with the usual flag waving, sign carrying and gun toting. They were concerned with guns, health care, taxes and oh yeah, did I mention guns.

According to the New Mexico Independent’s Chris Dudley “organizers encouraged attendees to bring firearms”. The organizers were “Otero Tea Party Patriots, the Alamogordo Second Amendment Task Force and the Sons of Liberty Riders, a motorcycle rights organization. Protestors were encouraged by the organizing groups to bring guns to the protest.”

Since when did it become “patriotic” to bring guns to a political rally? At this anti Obama gun toting patriotic political rally, it was encouraged.

This past summer at two Presidential town hall meetings guns were present, first at New Hampshire where one man was shown carrying a side arm holding a sign that says; "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants," a quote from Thomas Jefferson. The Secret Service said that the State laws prevented them from doing anything, the Secret Service also said another man was arrested for carrying an unlicensed gun before the start of New Hampshire town hall .

At the second Presidential town hall meeting in Arizona more guns showed up, and again the Secret Service said that there was nothing that they could do. About a dozen men showed up packing guns openly. One of those men, this man, who at the time refused to give his name is a member of an extremist church, the church of the Faithful Word Baptist Church who’s Pastor Steven Anderson prays for President Obama to die, and has given many sermons asking for him to die.

It's simple, anyone who shows up where the President will be cannot carry a gun, you know, it sounds so simple, sounds sensible, sounds like something that even the Secret Service themselves would understand, which I am sure they do. The Secret Service needs to make there own point about guns at political events , if you show up with guns where the President will be in attendance, at the very least you and your gun will be locked up until the President has left

At those two town halls, the Secret Service said that there was nothing that they could do other than watch, because those States laws allowed them to carry fire arms, that may be true, but, the Federal government is constantly usurping State laws, so you can't tell me that when the President is in town his safety doesn't override bubba's right to stand outside the building with a gun where the President is.

It’s time to start using common sense again America, political events are NOT events that you brings your guns too, it is not patriotic, it is foolishness. And is also time that the Secret Service put a stop to it.

This is a video from this past weekends event in Alamogordo, New Mexico:


Senator Jim DeMint may have allowed suicide bomber on plane

By: David Phillips

Las Vegas Democrat Examiner



Could this past Christmas day attempted bombing by a terrorist have been avoided if Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) would have allowed President Obama’s pick for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) administrator to be voted on? Did this suicide bomber manage to get on a plane with a bomb simply because DeMint was playing politics with our national security?

This past September President Obama nominated Errol Southers to be the administrator of the TSA and because DeMint fears that Southers might allow TSA workers to form a Union (DeMint really doesn’t know for sure),
Senator DeMint won’t allow the Senate to vote for his confirmation.

The Republican party and their right winged media opinion echo outlets such as Fox News, have been quick to blame President Barack Obama for allowing Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, of Nigeria to get on Northwest Flight 253 on Christmas day.

They echo their reasoning that because President Obama announced that he was closing the detainee facilities in Guantanamo Bay, trying them in US Federal courts, putting them in Federal prisons and ending the Bush/Cheney era of torture, we are less safe and that is why this man was able to get on the plane in the first place.

The republicans and their right wing spin machine won’t ever mention the FACT that Senator Jim DeMint may very well be responsible for allowing the bomber on the plane. They will NEVER mention what DeMint had done. All because they are against unionized labor in the United States, and they favor corporations over employees.

Right now you are thinking how could Senator Jim DeMint a Republican from South Carolina be responsible simply by blocking Errol Southers from being the TSA administrator.

Here’s why. Last month the father of  Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, went to the U.S. embassy in Abuja, Nigeria to let them know that his son is mixed up with radicals and should be watched, but he had no specifics according to congressional sources speaking to the
Boston Globe. In the same article in the Boston Globe it also says; “congressional official said Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a 23-year-old Nigerian, popped up in U.S. intelligence reports about four weeks ago as having a connection to both al-Qaeda and Yemen.”

So why wasn’t he put on the “No Fly List”, intelligence reports linked him to al-Qaeda.

Because Senator DeMint held up President Obama’s pick who would  administrate and enact security changes and updates to the “No Fly List”.

The current airport security and the TSA policies were all placed into action by former President Bush.

For years now we have known about problems with the “no fly list”, peoples names going on the list that shouldn’t be there in the first place, like
Senator Edward Kennedy who was stopped because his name appeared on the “no fly list”. We have heard similar stories about others

There are currently
four different lists that suspected terrorists names appear on;

“Terror Identities Datamart Environment” (TIDE) has 550,000 names
“Terrorist Screening Data Base” (TSDB) has 400,000 names
“Selectee List” has 14,000 names
“No Fly List” has 3,400 names

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s name appears on the TIDE list, if Senator Jim DeMint hadn’t stopped the vote for President Barack Obama’s nominee, the flow of intelligence and the administration of the problems that are well known with the lists might have prevented the suicide bomber from getting on the plane in the first place.

Leslie Phillips, a spokeswomen for Senator Joe Lieberman’s (I-CT)  Homeland Security Committee said that Lieberman believes the hold is "contrary to the public interest." Phillips went on to say, "The head of TSA is a key player in the government's efforts to safeguard the American people from terrorism."

And on top off all of this,
Republicans also opposed funding for the TSA, including money for screening operations and explosives detection systems.

Senator Reid said that he will call for a Roll Call vote on the President’s nominee as soon as the Senate reconvenes in January.

Have a safe flight, and don’t forget to buckle up the seat belts.


Liz Cheney Airs Hypocritical Attack Ad On Obama For Waiting ‘100 Hours’ To Respond To Terror Plot


In their eagerness to place blame on President Obama for the attempted Christmas Day terrorist attack, Republicans have argued that the president waited too long to talk publicly about the matter. Karl Rove began the assault by complaining that Obama waited “72 hours before” addressing the American public. RNC Chairman Michael Steele and former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani have piled on with a similar criticism.

Liz Cheney’s neoconservative political attack organization, Keep America Safe, is out with a new ad titled “100 hours.” Replete with images of Obama golfing, the ad — which imitates the TV show 24 — ends with the question, “How long did it take you to realize the system failed?”:

Of course, while Obama wasn’t speaking publicly about the terrorist incident, he was directing an immediate federal response.

Moreover, as Huffington Post’s Sam Stein documented, President Bush didn’t utter a single word about shoe bomber Richard Reid’s terrorist attack for six days, whereupon he simply said that he was “grateful for the flight attendant’s response, as I’m sure the passengers on that airplane.”

On ABC’s This Week, host George Stephanopoulos confronted Cheney about her hypocritical attack. “As many Democrats and others have pointed out, President Bush waited I think six days before doing much about Richard Reid, the shoe bomber,” he noted. Cheney evaded the question entirely, pretending not to hear it. “The point of that ad,” she said, “was this notion that you cannot win a war if you’re treating it as sort of an inconvenient sidelight.” Watch it:


''Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.'' - President George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004


Bachmann tied for voice GOP insiders most want to ‘mute’
By Paul Schmelzer

Hotline On Call gives a sneak preview of National Journal’s new survey of beltway insiders on “the member they’d like most to shut up, the brightest thinkers and strategists in their parties and much more.” Topping the list of GOP voices these insiders would like to “mute” is Minnesota’s Rep. Michele Bachmann — but there’s a five-way tie. Eleven percent of Republicans polled would also like Fox’s Glenn Beck, Iowa Rep. Steve King, Sarah Palin and Georgia Rep. Tom Price to pipe down.

Sixteen percent of Republican congressional insiders — a list of 65 senators and representatives, including Bachmann and Rep. John Kline — said they didn’t want to mute anyone.

But among GOP “political insiders” — an even bigger group that includes the likes of Gary Bauer, Ed Gillespie and Charlie Crist — the most-mutable figure was Sarah Palin. Twenty-eight percent of people in this group wanted her to shut up; 12 percent selected RNC chair Michael Steele.

Democrats in both groups, congressional insiders and political insiders, would prefer Joe Lieberman be muted, getting 22 and 23 percent of the vote, respectively.

Other results worth noting:

Among GOP political insiders think Sen. John Thune of South Dakota has the “brightest future,” with 32 percent of the vote.

The figure getting the highest vote in all the results revealed by Hotline On Call call was Newt Gingrich. Forty-one percent of GOP congressional insiders and 53 percent of GOP political insiders think he’s the “most creative thinker” in the party.


"Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. His whole thing is entertainment. Yes, it's incendiary. Yes, it's ugly." --Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele

"I have enormous respect for Rush Limbaugh. I was maybe a little bit inarticulate. There was no attempt on my part to diminish his voice or his leadership." --Steele, two days later




Tea bagger proud, Ignorant and Racist
Dale Robertson founder and President of Teparty.org stands outside a rally earlier this year in Houston, Tx holding a sign showing his hate for President Obama and African-Americans.
And the Main Stream Media just can't seem to put their finger on why tea baggers come across as racists.


"Next week, President Obama will visit the auto show in Detroit and look at cars from the Big Three automakers. Or, as the Big Three automakers put it, 'the new owner is coming for a visit." –Conan O'Brien

"This is weird. Yesterday, a naked jogger was stopped near the White House. Secret Service grabbed the man and immediately allowed him to attend a state dinner." –Conan O'Brien

"Now, some people are really upset because President Obama has decided to redecorate the Oval Office, and he got rid of former President Bush's bust of Winston Churchill. When he heard about it, Bush was furious and said, 'Winston Churchill? I thought that was Higgins from 'Magnum P.I.'" –Conan O'Brien

"Hey, a man in Washington, D.C., was apprehended by Secret Service yesterday for taking off his clothes and jogging naked near the White House. In related news, I say that’s probably the last time Biden ever takes Ambien." –Jimmy Fallon

"The Secret Service was alerted when someone reported a man with a suspiciously shrinking package." –Jimmy Fallon

"There is a sex scandal roiling the nation right now. The tale of one man's insatiable sex drive and the beautiful women who succumb to his magnetic machismo. Does it involve ... lusty golfing legend Tiger Woods? Or perhaps it's six-foot, 15-inch and 174-pound bespectacled White House Budget Director Peter Orszag? Oh yeah, baby. The OMB director had a baby with this lady, a beautiful shipping heiress, just weeks before he got engaged to this other beautiful lady, who is a news reporter. I guess 'OMB' stands for the 'Office of Managing the Boo-tay.' Heeey!" –Jon Stewart

"I guess the CBO is the 'Congressional Badonkadonk Office.' ... Ladies, put your husbands to bed and hide your ovaries [on screen: footage of Orszag on talk shows]. Maybe you couldn't feel it through the TV screen, but I am telling you! I interviewed this guy. He's got the kavorka." –Jon Stewart


This Week in God!!!


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