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Sen. Zell Miller lies as he Attacks Sen. John Kerry
Republicans distancing themselves from Sen. Zell Miller after his Mad Dog speech at the Republican National Convention
By: David Phillips
Septembeer 5, 2004
Sen. Zell Miller said, "Americans need to know the facts" about Kerry's record, but his commentary is a decade or so out of date. Kerry did oppose some of the weapons Miller cited when he was a candidate for the Senate in 1984,  (candidates don't vote). Kerry did vote against the B-2 bomber, Trident nuclear subs and "star wars" anti-missile system more than a decade ago.
But in his nearly 20 years in office Kerry's record has evolved. Kerry hasn't opposed an annual Pentagon appropriation since 1996. And he's voted for them far more often than against them.
Miller didn't say that Kerry voted against the weapons on the list he rattled off, only that he opposed them. And indeed Kerry did, in 1984, as a candidate (again candidates don't vote) for the Democratic nomination for Senator in Massachusetts.
All the weapons cited by Miller are listed in a memo from a 1984 Kerry campaign article on Republican distortions of Kerry's defense record.
Once elected, Kerry's voting record did evolve. Kerry did cast votes more than a decade ago against the B-2 Stealth Bomber in 1989, 1991 and 1992. But by 1992 even President Bush (the current incumbent's father) was calling for cancellation of the B-2 and promising to cut military spending by 30% in the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was no secret -- Bush did that in his 1992 State of the Union address. But Miller left out that little detail.
Miller did avoid some earlier Republican excesses, as when Miller's fellow Georgia senator, Republican Saxby Chambliss, told reporters on Feb. 21 in a Bush campaign conference call with reporters that Kerry had a "a 32-year history of voting to cut defense programs and cut defense systems." Since Kerry has only been in the Senate for just under 20 years, the Chambliss statement was an impossibility.
Republicans have also accused Kerry of voting against more mainstream weapons including the M-1 Abrams tank and the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, but have been unable to cite any specific votes against those weapons. The best they can do is point to occasional votes Kerry cast against the entire Pentagon budget, not against any specific weapon.
Kerry voted against the entire Pentagon appropriations bills in 1990 and 1995. Kerry also voted against the Pentagon authorization bills (which provide authority to spend but not the actual money) in those years and also in 1996.
 However, he hasn't opposed an annual Pentagon appropriation since then, nor did he do so in 16 of his 19 years in office. So by the Republicans' own measuring stick, Kerry voted for the weapons they list far more often than he voted against them.
Kerry himself conceded that some of the positions he took 20 years ago were "ill-advised, and I think some of them are stupid in the context of the world we find ourselves in right now and the things that I've learned since then." That was in an interview published in June, 2003 in the Boston Globe. "I mean, you learn as you go in life," Kerry was quoted as saying.
 He added that his subsequent Senate voting record on defense has been "pretty responsible."
This isn't the only misleading claim made at the Republican convention. Miller falsely claimed "Kerry has made it clear that he would use military force only if approved by the United Nations," when in fact Kerry has said no such thing.
And New York Gov. George Pataki made a similarly misleading statement Sept. 2 when he implied that Kerry would "just wait for the next attack" before using military force to defend the US.
What Kerry in actuality said -- in his own acceptance speech -- is this: "I will never hesitate to use force when it is required.  Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response. I will never give any nation or international institution a veto over our national security." That's the opposite of what Miller said Kerry "made clear."

2) Zell Millers, remarks at the Republican National Convention, Federal Document Clearing House, FDCH Political Transcripts, 1 Sep 2004.
copyright2004:  www.yodasworld.org




By; David Phillips

August 22, 2004,


Washington D.C.- The Whitehouse earlier today announced that a portion of President Bush’s acceptance speech for the Republican National Convention would include excerpts from “My Pet Goat”.


For almost three years President Bush has said that he’s eager to finish reading the book he started on September 11, 2001, but hasn’t had the time until now.


Whitehouse Chief of Propaganda, Karl Rove said “the President will not only be able to finish reading the book to the children that were in that class room on that eventful day, but by reading it to all the children on National Television, it will help the President with support for his ‘No Child Left Behind Act”.


Karl Rove continued to say; “the Pentagon is currently working on having the book translated into Arabic, and then distributing the book throughout the Muslim world, starting with Iraq, and Afghanistan, most likely with air drops from C-130 airplanes”.


A few unnamed senior Whitehouse Officials have stated that President Bush’s Terror Agenda, both Overseas and here in America will see what a real a Compassionate Conservative from Texas is all about.


CopyRight2004 www.yodasworld.org




By David Phillips

August 4, 2004


Marriage: Bush wants to amend the Constitution of the United States to say that a ‘Marriage Shall consist of only a man and a women’. Bush’s Right Wing Fundamentalist Christian party wants to override individual States Rights that allow them to decide for them selves.


Stem Cell Research: Bush wants to curb all Stem Cell Research. During Bush’s 2000 Presidential campaign, Bush said, “he wants to explore the promise and potential of stem cell research." That was what Bush said during an August 9, 2000, speech, announcing his decision to permit the federal funding of stem cell research. Religious right wing fundamentalist leaders and the Catholic Church were opposed to all stem cell research because it uses cells extracted from five-day old blastocysts (or embryos) in a process that destroys the embryos.


Abortion: Bush’s Right Wing Fundamentalist Party wants to abolish all abortions, including those that are a result of Rape and Incest. Bush says a women’s choice to make decisions over her own body ends at conception.


Assault Weapons: Former President Bill Clinton banned all Assault Weapons from the market when he was President. Bush has said that the ban, which expires this September 14, 2004, will not be renewed. Bush said that he believes that all Families have the Right to own Assault Weapons.



No Child Left Behind Act: Bush just loves to peddle this School program that he came up with while Governor of Texas. This program is suppose to make sure every child graduates from school by teaching them to pass a standardized test. In fact each child has five chances to pass. 


First the Money, Bush’s ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ rewards a school District if it maintains a low percentage rate for dropouts.


Second if a School District decides to Receive Federal funds under the Act, they must show results, or pay the money back.


Third the School Districts are tempted to fudge the test scores in order to receive the Federal Funding that is promised for good results, particularly if things aren’t going their way.


Fourth, the Teachers are forced to instruct students on how to pass a specific standardized test. I mention this because what parents and students feel is important for them to learn in the suburbs, is not necessarily the same in the urban settings of inner city schools.


Fifth, Bush has not appropriated the money to fund the ‘No Child Left Behind Act’.


Medicare: Bush recently passed a new Medicare Bill that is supposed to offer prescription drugs to the senor citizens in the United States.


The Medicare Bill makes it illegal to buy medicine from Canada where the drugs are a third of the price. The Medicare Bill also makes it illegal for Medicare to negotiate drug prices with the manufacturers who get to set the prices.


Jobs: While Bush has been in office, six million manufacturing jobs have been forever lost to other Nations. Nearly two million jobs have been lost in the private sector job market.


Bush has stated several times that Outsourcing of jobs to other Nations is good for America


Bush has created the biggest Deficit (455 Billion Dollars) in the history of the United States.


Bush has given the biggest Tax cuts in the history of the United States to the top one percent of the wealthiest in the Nation.


These are just some of the Family Values that Bush is so Proud of. Bush is forcing his Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Values on the American Public whether you like it or not.



Copy Right 2004: www.yodasworld.org


Bush files court papers in Crawford, TX for name change.


By David Phillips

July 26, 2004


Crawford, TX: President Bush has petitioned the Courts in Texas to change his middle name from Walker to War.


President Bush said that by changing his middle name to War, the American public will be able to identify with him and accept as true, when he says the he’s a “War President”.


The President also said that he would like all future references to him in the media to refer to him a “President G. War Bush”. The President went on to say, “that only now can the Peoples of the World truly understand what my Administration is all about”.


President G. War Bush said “that despite the fact that I sent our Troops to Afghanistan an Iraq, the Peoples of this Planet, still don’t believe me when I say I’m a War President”.


So I’m saying to the Peoples of this Planet, I am a War President and if you don’t believe me just check out my new cool middle name.


Karl Rove, President G. War Bush’s Sr. Political Advisor, said he was napping at his desk one recent afternoon and I had this dream in which War protesters were stopping the President with sighs saying “YOUR NO WAR PRESIDENT”.


So I immediately rushed to the Presidents office to tell him about my dream, but he wasn’t there.


Then I jumped on the first Lear Jet I could find, and flew to Crawford, TX, where I found the President, I should have realized right off that he wasn’t in his office, because he’s here at his ranch so much.


So I find the President and I tell him about my dream, and he said to me “are you sure we should try this”?


I said to him Mr. President remember the dream I had about you landing on the Deck of an Aircraft Carrier with the big sign that read “Mission Accomplished”, and he said ya, and Mr. President do you remember the Dream I had about you flying to Baghdad to be with the troops last Thanksgiving, and the great photo op with you standing their with a fake Turkey, and he said ya, so I said “Trust Me, you can thank me later.


Karl Rove went on to say that the President gets his best ideas from my Dreams, and that I should be paid while I’m sleeping.



Copyright2004 www.yodasworld.org



By: David Phillips

May 14, 2004


Over the last 10 days dozens of pictures have been seen on television and in the newspapers depicting the torture at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Were also told that there are hundreds of pictures and videos that show a great deal more than whats been released, and that we may never see them because of how horrific they are.


The torture, at the hands of a few U.S. Army personnel, which has included rape, sodomy, attacks by dogs, homicides, and other forms of torture, seem to delight Rush Limbaugh, while the rest of the world finds them disgusting.


Here are a few quotes from Rush Limbaughs radio show, which by the way he seems very proud of because I got these quotes from Rushs web site www.rushlimbaugh.com.


"This is no different than what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation (a reference to the secret club at Yale University that both George W. Bush and John Kerry were members)


I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release?


You [ever] heard of need to blow some steam off?"


"I'm sorry, folks. I'm sorry. Somebody has to provide a little levity here. This is not as serious as everybody is making it out to be


Now these quotes would be fine if it was just some ignorant boob speaking to another ignorant boob, but this boob has 15 million followers who parrot his every word. Rush even calls his followers dittoheads.


In the last few days, Rushs quotes have been aired on several news broadcasts and in newspapers that feel that the torture that has taken place at Abu Ghraib is disgusting and wrong and not what America is truly about.


Rush Limbaugh has been trying to backtrack, and say that these quotes were taken out of context.


The truth is Rush Limbaugh rushed to a judgment that showed his true nature, and instead of saying that he was wrong, is trying to lie his way out.



Copyright2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com




By: David Phillips

February 21, 2004.


Washington D.C.: The Bush administration is very worried about his ability to be re-elected because of the loss of 6 million manufacturing jobs (that went overseas), that it has asked the Labor Department to re-classify another industry as manufacturers.


President Bush wants the Fast Food industry (Burger King, McDonalds, Wendys etc.) re-classified as manufacturers, because when they make a hamburger, they are manufacturing a consumer product.


The Whitehouse says that when they put lettuce and tomato on the hamburger and then place it on a bun, the end result is a manufactured product.


This may sound like a joke, but its not.


The Whitehouse feels that the loss of manufacturing jobs, and the increase of people being unemployed under his presidency will be one of his biggest hurdles to over come in this years presidential race.


The Labor Department has not made any decision on the Whitehouses request as of this date.


I urge all Americans to write their Senators and Congressmen, and let them know that this is not right, and that Americans are getting fed up with Whitehouse policies that MISLEAD and MISDIRECT the TRUTH.


 CopyRight2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com


Bush submits 2.4 Trillion Dollar budget

By: David Phillips

February 3, 2004


Washington: President Bush submitted his spending budget to Congress for the fiscal year 2005, which begins October 1, 2004.


The budget reduces almost all federal agencies funding support in half, except anti-terrorism, and military programs. The submitted budget does not include annual funding for the Wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan, Bush plans on asking Congress later this year for at least another $50 Billion for the Wars.


The Bush budget supports his campaign theme, and slashes such things as Veterans Affairs programs, Environmental programs, and Agricultural programs.


Just last month in Bushs State of the Union speech, he highlighted a $250 million expansion for the Labor Department for retraining, and vocational education programs. But the submitted budget would trim the Education department by $300 million. ( SOTU speech great photo op, say what they want to hear)


These are just a few of the programs that Bush wants to slash or eliminate; the list goes on and on.


The Whitehouse Monday gave the impression that the budget would shape spending to the utmost needs of the Nation.


Where are the real Republicans, why are they letting him spend so much? How could they justify a $2.4 Trillion budget on top of the $500 Billion deficit?


If the Democrats are known as the Tax and Spend party, should we start referring to the Republicans as the Tax Cut and Spend party?


If your going to give three tax cuts totaling more than $1 Trillion to the wealthiest 5 percent of the nation, wouldnt it make sense to cut spending to?


How can they possibly spend and cut Taxes without increasing the Deficit?


If your going to cut Taxes, you have to cut spending, (at least the Democrats know how to maintain a budget), in fact President Clinton left office with a $220 billion surplus, which Bush pissed through without blinking an eye.


To those of you who wish to keep Bush in office, you should all be put in jail for Treason.


The Deficit that Bush has created will be placed on the backs of our childrens children. It will take years to pay it off.


I urge all voters, Republicans, and Democrats alike, to write to your Senators, and Congressional Representatives, and tell them that the spending has got to stop.


Stop the Madness, there must be a Regime change in Washington.


CopyRight2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com


Prosecutors have enough evidence to support more than 10 felony counts.

Prosecutors Decline LimbaughS Offer

 By David Phillips, January 23, 2004

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. In an attempt to head off charges, Limbaugh's attorney, Roy Black, wrote prosecutors on Dec. 11 to suggest a drug intervention program without a guilty plea.

''I believe this proposal would be in keeping with the public interest, Limbaughs attorney Roy Black wrote. ''The public is better served by treating addicts as patients rather than criminals.''

Prosecutor James Martz wrote back to Limbaughs attorney on Dec. 15 that an intervention program alone was not sufficient. He wrote that prosecutors had enough evidence to support more than 10 felony counts.

Prosecutors wanted Limbaugh to plead guilty to one felony charge of ''doctor shopping,'' a third-degree felony. Limbaugh would have received three years' probation, undergone a drug treatment program and been subject to random drug testing, according to public records.

''This proposed resolution is offered as an alternative to unsealing your client's medical records and in an effort to bring this case to a swift and just resolution,'' Martz wrote.

Limbaugh admitted his addiction to prescription painkillers in October, saying it stemmed from severe back pain. He took a five-week leave from his afternoon radio show to enter a rehabilitation program.

Limbaugh's lawyers had denied news reports last month that their client was considering a plea bargain.

Limbaugh has not been arrested and no charges have been filed at this time, but Prosecutors said that with the refusal to accept the plea agreement, charges would soon be filed on as many as ten-felony charges.

Rush Limbaugh for years has stated on his radio show, that drug addicts should not be given special treatment with plea agreements, and that it was the Liberal Left that has made are Justice system a joke with plea agreements.

I guess its OK for a right wing bigot, drug addict, and liar to ask for a plea agreement if it suits his needs, just not anyone else, after all he is RUSH LIMBAUGH, OF THE EIB NETWORK, AND A GIANT IN HIS OWN MIND.

                                    COPYRIGHT2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com


Bush uses State of the Union address to launch Presidential campaign

The lines are drawn

By: David Phillips

January 21, 2004



"He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient." -- U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section III


President George W. Bush gave the annual State of the Union address last night, which appeared more like a campaign speech than a State of the Union address.


The speech was unmistakably intended to draw a line between Republicans and Democrats. Instead of trying to unite the two parties and the nation together in a show of bipartisanship, his speech was unmistakably meant to launch his Presidential campaign.


The timing of the speech was no accident; White House officials scheduled the speech for Tuesday night, only 24 hours after the Iowa caucus, to draw attention from the Democratic victor, a Republican close to the Bush campaign said.


War in Iraq


Bush began his speech defending his reasons for going to war in Iraq. Bush said that the reason for us going to War was to stop Saddam Hussein from torturing, raping, and killing people who do not have the same beliefs as him, not the Weapons of Mass Destruction and Saddam Husseins link with Al-Qaeda and September 11, 2001 attacks that he said last year as the reason for War.


These two points were clearly omitted from last nights speech, because theyve been proven to be lies.


Bush said that the United States does not need a permission slip to defend its self. What hes really saying is that he will continue his policy of unilateralism, and preemptive Wars, regardless of what are former allies (France, Germany, Russia, and the United Nations) think.


Bush said that the capture of Saddam Hussein has made the United States and the World safer, but just as many U.S. troops are being killed in Iraq as before his capture.


Homeland Security and the Patriot Act


Bush said that the newly created Homeland Security Department, and the Patriot Act, has made us safer now than before the September 11th attacks.


What a crock of BS, our borders are still flooded with illegal aliens sneaking in, are ports inspectors are still only inspecting 3% of the thousands of containers of shipments from overseas, are Nuclear Plants are still not properly protected, shipments of Nuclear waste are being published in newspapers showing the routes they will take, the protection provided, and the dates of the shipments. These are just a few of the gaping holes that our Homeland Security turns a blind eye too.


The Patriot Act, which was enacted after 9/11 to makes it easer for law enforcement to track and locate terrorists, it is also being used to tract the movements of all American Citizens, regardless of our civil liberties.


Homeland Security has yet to centralize its database of suspects linked to terrorism, so various Law enforcement agencies can look up a name to see if its on the watch list.


The Economy


Bush then started talking about the economy, saying that the tax cuts he gave to the top 5% of the Nations wealthiest, has turned the economy around. While theres no denying that the stock market is on a rebound, it has yet to create any measurable jobs.


Corporations are moving there manufacturing plants overseas, which have resulted in six million manufacturing jobs lost, because the labor is considerably cheaper. Three million people are still unemployed, and the six million manufacturing jobs are gone for good.


Bush said that he wants to create a retraining program for people seeking jobs, which sounds like a good idea, but the reality is that a 50 year old man or women, who has found themselves unemployed from a job that pays 20-30 dollars an hour, will most likely find themselves working at or near minimum wage, with or without retraining because corporations are moving higher paying jobs overseas were the labor is cheaper, which increases there bottom line.




The No Child Left Behind Act The purpose of this act is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging State academic achievement standards and state academic assessments.


Bush may be taking credit for the new law. But in reality, his administration has failed to provide the resources promised to implement the law, and has crippled its implementation with delayed, contradictory and ideologically driven regulations. As a result, millions of families and schoolchildren across America are left with little hope that their teachers will get trained and their schools will improve.

It's no small wonder, then, that school districts and teachers across the country are crying foul, and presidential candidates are calling for the repeal of these reforms. They blame the president for a failed education agenda. The Bush administration has indeed failed to ensure that no child is left behind.    

Other State of the Union Topics

Bush said he has a plan to cut the deficit (that he created) in half in five years. Make us less dependent on foreign Energy. The Marriage Act, regarding same sex couples, the abstinence from sex, among teenagers.

Heroes for kids, saying that pro athletes should refrain from using steroids and should be banned (which they already are) from pro sports.


Well as Bush starts his Presidential campaign with his 200 million in campaign funds from corporations that hes given billions in tax cuts and tax credits to, he should realize that there are a lot more people watching, and speaking their minds, because if hes re-elected you can count on more U.S. troops being killed around the world, and more unemployment.


   CopyRight2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com


Homeland Security and DOE aid Terrorists in assembly of Dirty Bombs.

Breathe deep and Sigh

By David Phillips


January 7, 2004


Homeland Security and the Department of Energy, were out in force New Years eve, looking for Dirty Bombs using scientists in civilian clothes carrying sophisticated electronic devices, designed to detect radiation.


Four major cities, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Baltimore, and New York city, were all under high alert for fear that terrorists were going to place a dirty bomb in one or more of these cities.


While no known incidents occurred, there is still a major concern that a dirty bomb, still might be used sometime hear in the United States.


In my opinion they have good reasons to still be terrified.


 Thats because in my local newspaper in Las Vegas, NV, the Review Journal, on Tuesday January 6, 2004, there was an article about Plutonium Tainted waste being transported from the Nevada test site, to the depository in Carlsbad, NM.


The story gave the route that the Plutonium waste was going to take. Not only that, they provided a map. Thats right a map.


But you say to yourself, its OK there will be plenty of security, terrorists would never try to hijack something that well guarded.


So you take a deep breath, a sigh and you feel a little better. Then you continue to read the story and read that the shipments wont have any Police escort, and will only be monitored by a Satellite GPS system.


So you take another deep breath, and another sigh, but this time youre not feeling any better.


While Im not saying that the Homeland Security, or the Department of Energy should be aloud to infringe on our First Amendment rights, they should at least refrain from dispelling sensitive information.


I just took another breath and a sigh, no, still not feeling any better.



CopyRights2004 http://yodasworld.tripod.com



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