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Sea Bass Says: I Want A Good Candidate
By: Daniel Sebastiano
February 26, 2007

 I took a lot of heat over the last two years or so on various groups because I did not support any of the main front-runners for the democratic nomination.  I openly said I would vote for anyone over John Kerry (clearly America agreed with me on that one), Dick Gephardt, or Howard Dean.  The democrats defeated themselves because they supported a group of politicians without national electability.  The only politician that seemed to be really winning public support was John Edwards and he was brushed aside even after getting the VP nod.  With the overwhelming support of an extremely liberal candidate in John Kerry a lot of the independents in America, which still had a very conservative mood, voted for George Bush.  Despite lower voter turn out then previous elections George W. Bush received the most votes of any presidential candidate in history despite his approval ratings.  That does not show you a nation behind its leader that shows a nation that was scared of electing someone to the left of Stalin.

 This coming election could see the same thing happen to the Democratic Party if they do not wise up.  John Edwards is staying out of the spotlight allowing Barack Obama and Hillary to duke it out and hopefully he can ride the wave after the months and months of bad publicity they will bring each other.  Sad to say for the democratic party that out of those three John Edwards, who is more conservative then the democrats will let on, and Barack Obama, who is also conservative on many key issues, are not getting the same internal support from the party that Hillary Clinton is.

 Obama and Edwards have both proven they have national appeal and have been working hard to gain favor on both sides of the isle which has come easy for them both because not only do they have charisma, but they have a combination of both conservative ideals and some (though none extreme) liberal ideals that make them very pleasing to independents.   The American people welcome fresh faces and fresh ideas and as one can see from the Republican front runners in people like John McCain and Rudy Giuliani that the republican party is supporting more centrists candidates as well.  McCain and Giuliani both have some non-conservative views on issues, but stay true to the republican formula proving that 2008 will hopefully be the election of a true centrist candidate. 

 Back to the democrats Hillary Clinton on the other hand has shown nothing but contempt for conservatives and has even insulted the intelligence of the American people in the same way John Kerry did by trying to convince us in a few months of campaigning that she is a centrist when a lifetime of votes and political work show that even some liberals think she leans too far left.  Just like John Kerry the American people are seeing right through it and her support among republicans and conservative independents is nil.  Big surprise though she has the most internal support from the democrats who seem to want a repeat of 2004.

 I do not like or support Hillary Clinton in any way, but in a way I hope she wins because I know that both McCain and Giuliani whom I both like would beat her.

  I want to see good candidates.  I want to see a choice between two people that I like or at least someone that I can openly support and get behind.  There are over three hundred million people living in this country and in 2004 the two best choices were John Kerry and George Bush?  Seriously that was sad. 

 I can say I want this law past or this battle won, but most of all I say that I want to see a good candidate to vote for and right now the democratic party does not seem to want to give me one.



Sea Bass Says: Illegal Immigration Rules America
By: Daniel Sebastiano
February 18, 2007

Every once in a while there comes a story that just gets my blood to boil.  One of those kinds of stories that just infuriates me because I am blown away and enraged over the fact that the events in the story ever unfolded.  Sometimes it is the story that gets me and sometimes it is the coverage because we all know that excessive media coverage can make a story just as angering as the story itself.  Which brings me of course to my title and by now I guess you know what the story I am talking about is….

Did you say the trial of Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for the shooting of Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila? 

Did you have to pause for a second because the thought of the trial enflamed you too?  I thought so, and if you did you would be right. 

I bring it up now because the transcripts from the court room and the documents were just released this week and I said I would not comment on it until all the facts were in. 

For the one or two people in America that have not heard the story Border Patrol Officers Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were charged and convicted and sent to serve multi year sentences each for the shooting of Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila.  The charges stem from testimony that Aldrete-Davila was unarmed and running from the police when they shot him.  The trial concluded with a guilty verdict much to the shock and bewilderment of the officers and their families.

Now why would I be so upset about a shooting and a trial like that?  Why would out of all the shootings in America I worry so much about this one?  That answer is simple because in this case the man shot, for lack of a better word, deserved to get shot and I am still dumbfounded that there was even a trial.

One shooting you say?  Deserve?  You still do not understand or know all the facts?  Well let me clear that up for you.

The facts of the case were presented as follow that Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila was an illegal drug smuggler who at the time he was discovered by agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean was driving a van filled with seven hundred and forty three pounds of marijuana.  According to the police report and the testimony at the time Aldrete-Davila was very uncooperative even to the point of being belligerent before he assaulted officer Ramos knocking him to the ground and began to ran back towards Mexico.  The officers then claim that Aldrete-Davila made a turning gesture towards them and appeared to be pulling something from his waistband.  Officer Compean fired several times at the fleeing suspect while Officer Ramos, from the ground, fired one shot striking Aldrete-Davila in the buttocks.  After being struck Aldrete-Davila continued to run crossing the Rio Grande and fled back into Mexico.

Sounds like just a hectic day on the job for two border patrol agents doesn't it?  Well this where the story gets my blood going.

Later on after the shooting fellow border patrol agent Rene Sanchez learned of the shooting through her connections and contacts located in Mexico.  From what came to light in the released transcripts Sanchez knew Aldrete-Davila from her childhood in Mexico, but says there had been no contact in years even though she cannot prove it one way or the other.  What came to light with the transcripts is that Aldrete-Davila's friend (who still had contacts with Sanchez and her family strangely enough) mentioned the shooting to Sanchez's Mother In Law who in turn told Sanchez who opened the investigation.

You with me so far.  Two agents have just shot a drug smuggler and a fellow agent found about it when said drug smuggler's friend told her family about it.  Some connections this agent is keeping.  As the saying goes, but wait there is even more…

So now comes the part that really inflames me.  This drug smuggler and criminal was brought to the United States, only after being granted FULL IMMUNITY from prosecution on drug charges, to testify against the two border patrol agents.

Testify against what?  What happened?  Their testimony and the police report seem pretty conclusive right?

Well here is the kicker Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila claims that he did not have a gun and also claims that he never touched either of the agents and was not belligerent in any way (I guess running does not count).  Believe it or not a case was made (with full immunity) with the only evidence being his testimony that the police reports were wrong.  That is right folks this prosecutor took the words of a known drug smuggler over two agents with clean records.  On a side note he was only given immunity because "he did not want to cooperate with use without it" so this prosecutor really wanted to nail these agents didn't he…

Well what about forensic evidence?  What about the bullet?  What about other evidence?

Well about the bullet he was brought back to El Paso Texas to be treated (at the expense of tax payers) to have the bullet removed and used as evidence.  As far as forensic evidence goes forensic analysis (also at the expense of tax payers) showed that he was shot in right buttocks and an upward angle and slightly to the side… Which means?  He was shot from behind in the right side of his ass from someone who was on the ground the angle implying he was turned when he was shot (perhaps turning around like the agents said?).  The other evidence is easy because there is none.  The entire case was based on the "sworn" testimony of a drug smuggler, who could not be questioned on drug smuggling or any other crimes committed that day because as the judge said "he is not on trial here today okay?".

Another bulk of the prosecutions case was trying to "prove" that the two agents in question covered up their supposed crime because they picked up bullet casings and did not file a timely report.  The prosecution failed to emphasize that bullet casings are standard evidence and they did file a report, but were over worked with other things and failed to file it on time.  Other then that the entire case of the prosecution (which the transcripts showed) was based on the fact that the testimony of the drug smuggler did not match the cops. 

The verdict… agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean were hit with sentences of 11 and 12 years, respectively, for their heinous crime…  But wait there is even more, and this is the part that really really gets me…

During the case Osvaldo Aldrete-Davila stated that he would be suing the United States Government for, are you ready for this?, five million dollars.  Yes that is right those agents "violated his constitutional rights and caused undue duress".   After being granted immunity and being thoroughly ass kissed this s.o.b. is going to sue the Government for their actions.  I did not realize that illegal drug smugglers had government protection also if he was not in this country illegally driving a van with over seven hundred pounds of marijuana in it he would never have been in the position where he was shot.

On that note I say these two agents deserve a presidential pardon and an apology from that prosecutor, but they will not get one because there are enough cop haters out there and illegal sympathizers out there that these two agents are seen as the bad guys in this case.  Sometimes I hate this country I really do.



Sea Bass Says: It’s Election Season Again…

By Daniel Sebastiano

February 5, 2007


            The lines are forming.  The masses have gathered.  Countless people have lined up and are ready.  That is right ladies and gentlemen its election season and the candidates are in full form.  I would try and announce this like a boxing match (in this corner), but I cannot think of any shape with enough corners.


            Republicans and democrats alike are throwing their hats in the ring ready to fight for a primary for the chance to be the next President of the United States.  Hillary Clinton was the first to throw here hat in the ring, which was actually a very impressive accomplishment because I am surprised she was able to decide which hat she actually wanted to throw in.  Other candidates did not quite have the same shedding of skin that she needed to do, so for others it was easier.


            Although I do not have nearly enough time or paper to analyze every candidate let me take a look at a few of the front-runners for both parties.


            First for the democrats the leading faces are Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and just for fun I will mention Joe Biden. 


As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned her biggest challenge will be convincing the right wing and the independents that she is a conservative while at the same time convincing the democrat base that she is a liberal as John Kerry, and Al Gore showed us the national front runners for the democratic party have always been very liberal.  So once she does that her next challenge will have to overcome her somewhat negative political image over the last fifteen years or so.  In my opinion Hillary is a candidate that both parties will support the republicans will support her because if she cannot change her political persona over the next year she will not win national support and for the democrats she is the perfect liberal and like Kerry and Gore before him those are the candidates they want to put forth.


On the other front the democrats have Barack Obama the young rising Senator with a national likeability not usually seen in politicians.  There is a reason for that… Barack Obama is not your normal politician.  Mostly because he has not been one that long, but the other reason is that he genuinely seems to want to make a change for the better and not just enjoy the power.  With little surprise to anyone Barack Obama is lagging in the polls and democrats have stated that they fear that Barack Obama will not have support from the black community on a national level.  On the level of Thurgood Marshall, Colin Powell, and Michael Steele when a national figure appears too white, or chooses to concentrate on other things besides the fact that they are black the community as a whole does not get behind them.  That is sad, but true.  Obama has all the potential of a great candidate and I personally like him, but I do not see him winning any national primary because he is conservative on issues like taxes, gun control, partial birth abortion, and the justice system.  Any candidate that supports guns, tax cuts, opposes partial birth abortion, and actually wants to spend money on things in jail other then treatment fro criminals will never be fully supported by the left wing of the democratic party.


The third democrat coming to the front is Joe Biden.  Biden is not coming to the front because he is a legit candidate or because of his overwhelming support, but because of his foot in mouth opening statement to kick off his campaign.  He said (in reference to Barack Obama) “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, ... I mean, that's a storybook, man”.  Although the quote appears to be a bit of a cut and paste it was a public relations disaster and only stems to hurt what aspirations he had.


On the republican end the two candidates everyone is talking about are John McCain and Rudy Giuliani.  There are others, but they do not seem to be getting the same media attention.


McCain and Giuliani are both far from neo conservatives and have some liberal views.  They also both bring with them to the table a wide national approval and the ability to gain votes from both sides.  There is just one problem.  Neither of them have fully kicked off their campaigns.


Giuliani has gone on his tours and made speeches, but is far from the full out campaigning that Hillary or Obama have done.  McCain on the other hand has not even registered as a candidate and has yet to even mark himself as a republican.  It appears that the republicans are trying to get their berrings together from the beating they took in the last election.  With the economy doing well and the war in Iraq doing poorly whoever the republicans nominate will be riding a double bladed sword into the election.


So there you have it.  Election season is in full swing and the voting is so far away.  The pollsters are out in full force the candidates are on the trail and the campaigners are collecting money.  Let us bring in the year 2007 with thoughts of who we are going to vote for in 2008.  Gotta love the way this campaign thing works don’t you?





Sea Bass Says: “Goodbye Free Speech”

By: Daniel Sebastiano

January 22, 2007


Well that didn’t take long did it?  Our new congress has been in power for such a short time and they have already reminded the American people of the complete lack of differences between political parties.  As the saying goes new boss same as the old boss, well this new boss is the same and worse in some aspects.


First the biggest criticism coming from the left over the last year leading up to the election was the blatant hypocrisy of the republicans with their scandals while at the same time being the party of moral values.  This criticism is understandable until you note the fact that the same people that screamed about the horrible evil republicans and their scandals openly supported and in the local part voted for a new politician who was caught with a freezer full of illegal cash.


No problem right the “most ethical congress in history” will be quick to remove him from his committee seat while never openly requesting a resignation from congress (not from the DNC anyway… way to go Howard Dean).  All cleared up now they can get back to being ethical.


That settles fine until you hear about the new bill before congress that is out to target political talk radio and commentary radio in general.  The idea is that since radio is the only media outlet (other then Fox News) not openly controlled by conservative hating liberals (yes that is right Sea Bass believes in the liberal media) it must be thoroughly regulated.  The idea behind this bill is that commentary outlets (like say Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity) must have both sides of the issue on their program to equally represent opposing sides to any opinion.  That is fine if I want to hear debate, but commentary is not debate.  I enjoy commentary shows because the host takes an opinion and in an entertaining way expresses the commentary.  That is not debate it is a man or woman with an opinion expressing it to the people who want to hear it.  The politicians that support this bill have been all over Cable news talking about it and they have expressed that the bill is designed to target media outlets that are not fair in reporting or commentary that does not equally show both sides of the issues.


So, who gets to pick what is biased and what is fair… you guessed it the same politicians that wrote the bill.  So I hope that Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Michael Savage and the like are watching what they say the democrats have gotten so fed up with conservative control of talk radio they are using congress to regulate it.  Good thing this ethical congress cares about free speech.  I have a strange feeling that Air America will be considered non bias.


On the topic of talk radio and cable news the ratings came out over the last two weeks and they show the same trend over the last decade plus, and that is that conservatives watch cable news and listen to talk radio.  For example seven of the top eight radio shows in America were conservatives, and one was a music show (I doubt that counts but it was on the list).  The same ratings for cable news showed that fox news had fourteen of the top fifteen rated shows for the year, and we wonder why Olbermann hates Fox News so much.  The fact is that the panel debates, the narration, the open forums, the balanced sides of issues, and the representation of the political side of issues are more interesting to conservatives.  Air America and left wing shows are failing because the kind of people they preach to just do not find an interest in discussion and panels, but would rather hear rhetoric and humor (just look at The Daily Show’s ratings). 


I am not a republican and I listen to talk radio and watch cable news shows from both conservatives and democrats and I can tell you one thing, and that is that far left wing shows and far left wing attack dogs hate and rant and that makes for good reading and good argument, but it does not make for interesting or entertaining radio and TV.


So an overwhelming majority of the people affected by this bill are going to be conservatives and some of the staunchest critics of the democrats currently in power.


Anyone still doubt this is not a political move?


On a side note that I just have to mention that California is one vote away from making spanking and physical punishment of children a crime in their state.  I do hope that bill gets vetoed.  To take away discipline and then claim you want to be tough on crime (anyone seen California’s crime rates?) this is the way of the far left radical, everyone is at fault but the person who does something wrong.  But hey elections are fair so I hope the people are ready to deal with any consequences from the people they voted in.





Sea Bass Says: “What About the Homeless”

By Daniel Sebastiano

January 15, 2007


I will keep my thoughts short this week because my idea is very straight forward and very simple and it has to do with a big problem, and one that becomes even more apparent when it is cold outside.  That problem is the many homeless people living in America.  My idea is one that will aid them, but at the same time do a service to the community and it works like this:


The homeless person in question will apply for aid.  They will then check into a funded shelter where they will receive food, medical attention, and whatever rehabilitation is needed.  The next step will be getting these people a respectable level of education (minimum of GED) possibly college if they have experience that might benefit society.  The facility in which these people are in will then find them a job through the job placement program also operating in the facility.  This lengthy process is costly, but a fee will be taken from the salaries these former homeless earn that will be greater (yes I said greater) then the cost used to get them into their state.  The people that benefit from this program will also be required to work a certain number of hours a week at the same type of shelter and facility that helped them get back on their feet.  You will over time have an entire facility staffed with people that have come up from the streets which will inspire not only the workers, but also the people needed the shelter to know the very well groomed well off person behind the counter was once in their shoes.  By taking more money then you spent on each person the program will over time pay back the subsidized funding needed for it.  The thought that with all we have in this country there are homeless or jobless (not counting needed unemployment) amazes me.  It may not work given that some people enjoy boozing and standing on a street corner and that some people (although a small percentage of them) are homeless and jobless by choice, but no government program can cure the lazy.


Speaking of lazy I give special congratulations to Barbara Boxer for showing the epitome of lazy debate during her exchange earlier this week with Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.  During the exchange instead of for keeping things political Boxer (in an attempt to insult her ability to know families) insulted the fact that Condoleeza Rice has no children.  No matter what party you are apart of you cannot help but shake your head at that.  I guess some people just cannot help but be lazy when they have nothing constructive to say or do.  Of course in a resounding stance proving just how intent Democrats are to clean up their act the same group of democrats that openly supported “Dollar Bill” Jefferson has been silent.  I wonder how silent they would have been if the roles were reversed, but hey we have a different crop of politicians in Washington now.


So there you have it folks two short thoughts one on a worthless bum and the other on the homeless.  Perhaps we can have a new wave of compassion in America one that will end lazy debate and one that will help those unable to help themselves, but as long as the human factor is involved I am not going to hold my breath.




Sea Bass Says: The World According to the Stupid
By Daniel Sebastiano
January 8, 2007

There are certain things in life that anger me.  From ignorance to bad drivers there are just some things that we deal with in this crazy world that get under my skin.  Well there is one thing, one red button, above all else that gets under my skin and that is just how amazingly stupid some people can be.  Now I have had people tell me that there is no such thing as a stupid person only a failed educational system or a society factor that ruins it, and to that I call BS.  I believe that it is possible to be stupid, and not by birth or by creed.  So let us delve deep into the darkness that is stupidity and look at the world according to the stupid.


In order to truly be angry at stupid one must understand what it means to truly be stupid.  Is someone stupid just because they do not know a particular thing? Of course not there are a lot of smart people that do not know everything.  Then is someone stupid because they do poorly in school?  Not at all remember the story about how Einstein did in math.  Then if its not knowledge or book smarts what really classifies someone as stupid?


That answer is simple.  Someone is stupid when they choose to be stupid.


But how, or more importantly why, would someone choose to be stupid?  That answer is more complex, but not a complete mystery.  Learning is easy.  Sitting at home drinking or smoking or snorting away your brain cells so that learning is more difficult is hard, and also very stupid.  Having spent time working at a prison I have seen first hand the effects of stupid choices and stupid actions, and I have seen first hand the effort (sometimes incredibly challenging effort) required to make those choices and complete those actions.


That is the key in being stupid making the choice to be stupid.  Unfortunately for those that want to do stupid things or make the choices that make bettering themselves out of their stupidity we live in a society that both tells and shows them how cool and great it is to be stupid.  Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, and other “celebrities” have made a career out of being stupid and have made a fortune on it.  So drug use, violence, ignorance, aggressiveness, and the many other things that people do to make them stupid are the result of a degradation of society that has lead to those actions and that mindset being both accepted, and sadly the norm.


So now we know why people are stupid and without getting into my own opinions (non religious tattoos, bad driving, and excessive piercings) of what is stupid let us look at the world through the eyes of one of its many stupid people.  Let us get into character and have some fun. 


Being stupid we do not care about actual important events, but we manage to vote in large numbers every election and are the first in line for the news cameras when something happens that we can yell about.  We do not know what drives us to do this or what drives us to vote for the people that the voices on the television tell us to vote for, and trust me it takes a special kind of stupid person to vote for a candidate for whom they know nothing about. 


Being stupid we also refuse to take responsibility for any of our own actions.  If we fail tests, tests were too hard.  If we lose our job, our boss was too mean.  If we fall and hurt ourselves it was the sidewalks fault (and more importantly the store that sidewalk is in front of).  If we go to jail, it is the judges and the courts and the prison systems that are at fault.  If we lose a game, it is the games fault.  And most importantly we finally get punished for our own actions, whether by a judge or a school, it is because of race, creed, nationality, bias, or any other reason besides the punishment was deserved for breaking the rules.  We love to bring lawsuits against anyone we can get our hands on whether they wronged us in some way or not, and we hope that we can fill the jury with stupid people just like me that will sympathize with why I am suing the woman I robbed, or the club I was breaking into, or the owner of the animal I was harassing because actions are the responsibility of everyone else… and hey besides I have dozens of channels showing me videos of just how cool it is to be stupid.


Well now that I have just lost a few brain cells I will never get back I realize why it gets under my skin.  It amazes me that people out there actually willingly partake in this effort.  Yes I called it effort.  It is harder to look yourself in the mirror after suing someone you tried to rob, it is harder to sue a school for expelling your weapon toting child, and it is harder to ignore simple instructions and ramble endlessly then to follow the rules and take the easy way out. 


So do not insult or demean a stupid person next time you see them instead you can think to yourself about all the hard work they have done today.  They did not wake up stupid they chose their path, and the many many difficult choices and actions they must make every day to keep walking it.




Sea Bass Says: Man What A Country We Live In

By: Daniel Sebastiano

December 18, 2006



First allow me to update from my previous article.  In an act reminiscent of just how hypocritical politics can be the Democratic Party started off on the wrong foot in their attempt to clean up congress.  With support from the Democrats congressmen Dollar Bill Jefferson has won a reelection and will be serving another two years on capital hill.  As I stated earlier if they really wanted to clean up congress they would demand he resign (which they haven’t) call for him to be in jail (which they haven’t) and not support him (which they haven’t) but it is ok America they did kick him off a committee and that makes everything all better.  Just like I said in my first column if you want to clean up congress start with your own party and then maybe I will believe you are legit, but until then America went from one pack of liars and cheats to another.


Another story that caught my eye this week happened when the happiest place on earth told the jolliest man alive to get lost and go home.  That is right folks Disney World, in a move showing just how fun the holidays can be, told J.D. Worley to go home because he looked like Santa Claus and that Santa is “a Disney character” and having someone that can be mistaken for Santa might be a PC nightmare.  This is the same park that closed down an employee chapel last year because of fears that such a building might offend non Christians and the non religious, but never providing any type of quiet room for the many employees that live at the park during the course of the weekend.  This is also the same park that canceled appearances of other icons to avoid offending anyone.  This park still however openly has “Gay-Day” and a Disney sponsored gay pride parade.  Hey I am all for your right to be gay, but apparently its easier to exclude and offend someone being Christian then it is being gay.  Hey more power to them, but you have to admit it looks funny.


The other stories that been playing on the televisions in my home have been the stories of the many troubles of professional athletes over the last week or so.  Having those stories play is common since my television is on ESPN most of the time anyway.  In the case of the Cincinnati Bengals they had a player arrested for a DUI, and honestly I really don’t care who he is because he is the eighth that is right the eighth player from the Bengals arrested this season.  Man and I thought the Cowboys from the 90’s were bad.  Another player, Bears defensive tackle Terry “Tank” Johnson, was arrested when a cache of weapons (some loaded assault rifles) were seized from his home.  Seriously what kind of message does this send aspiring young athletes?  These multi million dollar stars that drink and drive, wave guns around like its cool, and openly support violence and drug use yet they still have that big bonus during the off season.  Well thank you America and thank you sports fans because as long as people buy tickets to see scum like this play the game, which takes away from decent players like the Mannings or the Ripkens, you have sent a message to any up and coming college player and that is that being good is more important than being law abiding.  It is ok tho because the league will give you a slap on the wrist and let you go back to your multi million dollar contract.  I remember when congress became involved in the steroid scandals in baseball and the people told them to mind their own business.  Well players are still getting caught with drugs, and do not get me started on that, and still getting arrested it seems like every week.  I would ask for someone to step in and do something, but in this crazy world we live in you can do drugs, carry a gun, be violent, lash out, and break the law but as long as you can catch a pass or make a three pointer who cares because in our crazy nation winning is more important than the law.


So what of this crazy nation we live in?  I mean we have congressmen with money in their freezer getting reelected, man how down the party lines were those votes.  We have famous amusement parks and other locations, like airports (which if you hadn’t heard removed all the Christmas tree displays instead of adding something Jewish… I guess when your being PC its better to anger everyone then try and appease someone), going above and beyond to remove anything that might be offensive to anyone.  News flash over eighty percent of this country believes in some form of god, an overwhelming percentage celebrate Christmas, and everyone is offended by something so just grow a spine and deal with it.  We have athletes out there being the best role models I have ever seen making just as much, and many time more money, then the athletes that are actually good role models.  Well as long as winning is that important to the people of this country who really knows what else to expect.  So there we have it.  This crazy world we live in today.  Maybe it will get better, and maybe it will fix itself, but I doubt it.  I guess you have to just hold on and enjoy the ride and let those few of us sane enough to see how crazy things really are deal with them in our own ways.




Sea Bass Says: Is There Any Good In Iraq Right Now?

By: Daniel Sebastiano

December 11, 2006


Well is there?  Honestly it is very hard to find and for obvious reasons.  Even shows like ‘Hannity and Colmes’ or ‘The McLaughlin Group’ that try and cover several political opinions have had very little good to say over the last few months.  Well other then the fact that Americans removed Sadam Hussein from power there has been very little to brag about.  Although this war is not over so history cannot judge it yet there is still a lot to look at and a lot to say is wrong.


First off let’s get one point out of the way and that is that despite my objections to how this war is run, despite my acknowledgement of how horribly things are going, and despite my sadness in the nearly 3000 American lives lost I do not think the war in Iraq is a lost cause. 


The biggest objection I hear to the war in Iraq is that we were lied to about the war.  Ok by that you mean that the reasons for the war were both withheld and the reasons we were given were untrue.  Well as far as I know we went into Iraq because an anti American dictator had weapons of mass destruction and was harboring terrorists with the fear being of him giving one of those weapons of mass destruction to the terrorist that they could possibly use on us.  Well let us see shall we.  Since the invasion began we have found traces of chemical weapons and, you can ask the Kurds if you do not believe me, we know he had them.  We also know, although not Al Qaeda, that there were terrorists within the borders of the nation, so that is true but then if that is the only reason we should have invaded Iran first, but that is another point.  Ok so since the lies are not on the surface then maybe they are underneath and the war is about oil or about getting revenge for his father or about magic unicorns or whatever Michael Moore and Tim Robbins have said this war is about. 


Although I do not agree with a lot of the anti war banter being thrown around out there since chemical weapons was obviously not the real reason why?  Why invade a nation surrounded by other nations that want to kill us just as badly?  Why take down a ruthless dictator when so many other ruthless dictators surround that one?  Since there is so much about this war that is wrong and that has gone wrong is there anything about this war that is right?  Is there any good news in Iraq?  Honestly not really, but I am not on the ground there so I do not see the same thing the soldiers do.


The reenlistment rate is one of the highest of this century and every branch of the Armed Forces has far exceeded their recruitment quotas for the 2006 year, so why if the war is going so badly are there so many people willing not only to join in fighting it, but to keep fighting it?  Well if you ask some people they will tell you it is because the soldiers are uneducated or because they have no better career path, but as a man of uniform myself there is a special kind of fire inside someone who wants to serve especially during a time of war that only burns inside those that want to do the right thing.


Now back to what I was saying.  In order to judge if something is right or not we must look at how things were then to how they are now.  Now there are attacks every day lead by ruthless terrorists that try and destroy any step towards progress, notice how the bombs usually go off near business or job lines or voting lines.  Then there were attacks lead by a ruthless dictator who killed people for whatever reason he felt like, how many mass graves have we found since this war started?  So are terrorists better then a dictator?  Probably not, but at least there are signs of progress where there was only fear before.  Now we have an up and coming democracy that includes women both as voters and as politicians.  Then women were scorned objects that were uneducated and unprivileged because that is the way the old government wanted it.  Well that sounds good doesn’t it, except the fact that they are not much safer then they were back then.  Now we have a nation in poverty with much of its people not able to get access to medical care, proper food, or clean water.  Then the nation was in poverty with much of its people not able to get access to medical care, proper food, or clean water.  Wait bad example, but I am sure you get the point.


So there is little to no good coming out of Iraq, and we find ourselves asking where does the blame fall?  With President Bush and Rumsfeld?  With Cheney and Colin Powell?  How about if I tell you that a majority of the blame falls with the Iraqi people?  That is right the Iraqi people.  At the start of World War II which was 60 years ago the Americans were able to mobilize the greatest fighting force ever seen from our shores in a few months, not years, but months.  With all the money we are pissing away in Iraq we should have had a force greater then that by now, but still they falter.  They harbor terrorists and they hinder the Americans, but not because they are bad but because they do not believe we are there to help.  If we spent all our money on pipes and infrastructure and on building an Iraqi Army for the people we could have been out of there by now.


So is there any good in Iraq?  No, but the fact is there can be and that gives us something to work for.      




Sea Bass Says: I Know How to Fix Congress

By: Dan Sebastiano

December 4, 2006


Well there you have it.  It is December and the newly elected democrats are ready to take power and clean up the corruption and scandals that have rocked congress in recent memory.  Over the last few days, weeks, months… ok years the news has been covered with stories of republican corruption and scandal that have lead a lot of Americans to paint an entire political group with the same dirty brush.  With a wide sweeping victory they now have the power to show America that they, as they claimed during the campaign, the party of ethics.  With this new sweeping wave coming through congress there is only one question left to ask.


How?  How do they clean up congress?


Well the answer is simpler then you think when you figure in that the American people did all the hard work already when they voted a lot of republicans out of office. 


So what is left to do then?


That answer is also simple and it can be done by doing something that is so rare in politics that almost every American thinks it never happens, and that is to start the clean up within their own party.


“But what have the democrats done wrong” you ask.  One word, PLENTY.


The idea of political scandal and corruption is not solely isolated to the right side of isle and acting as if that is the case will lead to a problem bigger then anything a bunch of corrupt republicans could ever have done.  The greatest danger America faces on the political front is from politicians and political supporters who can see no wrong in their own party.


If the democrats to clean up congress they can start with the actions, still fresh in a lot of minds, of John Kerry.  In a speech not long ago he told a “botched joke” that ended up insulting every man and woman wearing a uniform.  As a uniform wearer myself I was offended by his words, but even more so by the silence that followed from both him and his party.  Instead of for lambasting him, the way we all know they would have acted if a republican had said the same thing, the talking heads and party leaders used his words of insult to attack the republicans.  Instead of for admitting what he said was foolish and asking him to apologize they stood behind him for misspeaking, an act even more hypocritical considering that these same talking heads make fun of George W. Bush’s inability to finish a sentence.  Now although what he said in its own right was simply stupid the silence was deafening when the American people called for an apology.  There are a lot of things the Americans can stomach but when an entire political party stands behind a man during his hour of ignorance and hypocrisy that draws the line.  Even after the fallout from this action another foot in mouth democrat Charlie Rangel said in a Fox News interview that if soldiers “could actually get a decent career they wouldn’t choose to be in the military”.  Wow I hope no one thinks that democrats think poorly of the men and woman in uniform.


You know what would fix that?  If the Democratic Party actually stepped forward when people like Kerry and Rangel said something foolish or insulting and demanded an apology.  Imagine that a party that sides with the people over itself.


Ok so a few boneheaded comments are not nearly as bad as scandals, but what about the scandals that democrats are involved in.  Well if they want to fix their own scandal they can ask for the resignation and jailing of Dollar Bill Jefferson.  Congressman Jefferson was found with 90,000 dollars in his freezer during an FBI raid.  Again instead of for acknowledging the act the democratic talking heads complained that the FBI has no right to do what they did and they again tried to turn the tide on republicans.  Well I for one would be very impressed if the democrats came forward and again sided with the American people over their own party and were first in line to have Jefferson arrested and placed behind bars where politicians like him belong.


If the democratic party would clean up their own act first the act of sweeping the other side of the isle would be much easier and I for one would be all for it.  I can, like most Americans as I said earlier, only stomach so much and I cannot stomach hypocrisy.  If the democrats want to get my support and the support of other Americans for their war on republican corruption they can start with their own dirt and then worry about someone else’s.


Sea Bass says a lot of things, but when it comes to cleaning up congress I for one feel I am on to something here.  If the Democratic Party wants to fix America start with their own skeletons, start with their own scandals, and start with their own politicians.  If they do that then the republicans will have no defense when their party goes under the microscope.


Sea Bass says that is how you clean up America, that is how you clean up the parties, and that is how you fix congress.





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