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Dead Eye Dick, shoots his lawyer friend in the face while drunk, waits 12 hours before talking to the police, and the cops say, be careful next time.

Bill Clinton shoots Monica in the face, and gets impeached, wheres the justice?...ONEYODA


By: David Phillips
March 12, 2007

The top four Republican candidates for the 2008 Presidential election in descending order are; Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator John McCain, Former Speaker Newt Gingrich (who has not announced his candidacy), and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney…

Rudy, John, and Newt have had a total of eight wives between them, and Mitt who is a Mormon, has just the one wife that he is currently married too…

That's right, the Mormon has one wife and the other three have had a total of eight. I just find that ironic, and the fact that the party of family values has given the least amount of support to the one who has family values…

Republican Irony, don't you just love it?

Newt Gingrich former Speaker of the House, went on a Christian talk radio show a couple of days ago, hosted by James Dobson, who leads The Focus On the Family, a right wing evangelical organization. Newt confessed that while he was leading the charge in 1998 to Impeach President Bill Clinton for having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, he was also having an affair, with one of his congressional aides…

Some more irony, mixed with Hypocrisy from the Republican Party…

Scooter Libby was just found guilty on counts of perjury, lying to the FBI and obstructing an investigation. The Republican Party has been pounding on Bush's door to pardon him…

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC), who lead the charge for President Bill Clinton's Impeachment from the Senate, went on all the cable news shows the other day, calling for Bush to Pardon Scooter Libby, when asked how Scooters guilty charges of perjury, were different from President Clinton's guilty charges of perjury, his reply was "It just is"…Meaning that Scooter is a Republican and Clinton was a Democrat…

Again more Hypocrisy from the Republican Party… 

Well, I'm sure most of you have heard about the Walter Reed Medical Center scandal, that has rocked the White House, because of the way President Bush was Supporting our Troops by having them live in Rat infested rooms and some forced to sleep in their own Urine…Well Bush has formed a Bipartisan committee to look into the problem…It amazes me how Bush always forms a committee when the shit hits the fan, instead of owning up to what really has caused the problems…

There are now Eight committees formed between the House, the Senate, and the President…More waste of time and tax dollars…

Speaking of president Bush's Support for the troops, the House the other day said that Bush's request for another $100 Billion for his Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will have a few Billion diverted from the Wars to the VA because Bush is cutting there budget for the years of 2008 and 2009…

Oh yeah, Bush said that if the House diverts money to the VA he would Veto the spending Bill…

Hypocrisy from the top, Bush says out of one side of his face, I Support our Troops, and out of the other side of his face he slash's their Healthcare…

Lt. General David H. Petraeus, the new man that Bush has put in charge to oversee the War in Iraq said the other day that a "Military win in Iraq is Unattainable."…

The General threw a Slap to the Face of Bush with this bit of reality…Will Bush spin this to his advantage by going on the road and saying that things in Iraq are going good with his escalation and progress is being made or will he simply ignore what the General said?

I'm guessing that we will see a Road Trip in the near future for Bush…

The Dept. of Justice's Inspector General for the FBI just released a report a couple of days ago, that said the agency has abused the Patriot Act…FBI Director Robert Muller, said that he will put a stop to the abuse of the Patriot Act by his agents, but would most likely not discipline anyone…

I guess we really can't blame Muller for not disciplining anyone, since Bush generally rewards those that screw up with the Medal of Freedom like John Ashcroft, Tommy Franks and L. Paul Bremer…

In case you forgot who these three great thinkers are, Tommy Franks planed the invasion of Iraq; George Tenet said the case for WMDs was a "slam-dunk," and Paul Bremer fired the Iraqi army, all government workers, and all factory workers leaving everyone jobless and most armed….

You're doing a heck of a job Mullee…

I recently had a conversation with a young Republican regarding Bush removing many of our Civil Liberties, and he said that Bush could remove all of our Civil Liberties if it meant keeping America Safe…

As Michael Moore once said: "Dude, Where's My Country."…



David Phillips
February 12, 2007

It's a shame that Anna Nicole Smith Died, but the Media has gone bonkers with all the coverage…

Anna Nicole Smith was Psycho crazy over Marilyn Monroe, years ago she said that, she wanted her life to emulate hers...

Marilyn Monroe loved Champaign and Pills and died at 36...Anna Nicole Smith loved Champaign and Pills and died at 39...

Smith said in a recent interview, that if she could go back and do things different, she would be a waitress and making babies in a small town...

It's a disgrace that the vultures are circling Smiths body before it has a chance to run cold...

I can tell you that NASA and Astronaut Lisa Nowak are happy to be out of the News...

Because of Smith, we no longer have to endure hours and hours of mindless dribble, about a crazy Astronaut who drove to Florida wearing diapers...It seemed that every talking head on TV, just loved to mention the diapers, and you could see a half smile on their face when they said the word Diapers...

The down side for those who watch a lot of News coverage, is that you will now have to endure hours and hours of mindless dribble, about Anna Nicole Smith, until the next non story for the media to cover, comes along…

New York, New York…I heard that Anna Nicole loved New York…

In 1993 the World Trade Center was attacked by al-Qaida, while Bill Clinton was President and Rudy Giuliani was the Mayor of New York…

As Mayor of New York, Giuliani decided to move New York's Emergency Management Command Center, to one of the two, World Trade Center Towers...

Was that a smart move on Giuliani's part to put the Emergency Management Command Center for New York, into a known al-Qaida Target?

Since I have the opportunity to use hindsight, it is easy to state the obvious, but is this a legitimate question to ask a Presidential candidate, as to why he put the Emergency Management Command Center into a known al-Qaida Target???

I heard on CNN the other day that the ONLY was for a follower of Islam to got to Heaven is to die a Martyr…That's right, the Quran says I have 72 virgins waiting for you, but first, you must go and murder a non believer of Islam, and die doing it, if you want your 72 Virgins…

Article one, section seven of the United States Constitution says that Congress has the Power to Cut funding to the Military…So if Congress really wants to end the Iraqi War and bring our troops home they can do it…That is if they have the backbone to do it…

And Finally…In today's News, Vice President Dick "Dead Eye" Cheney, DID NOT, I repeat, DID NOT, shoot another lawyer in the face…




By: David Phillips

February 5, 2007


The FDA is about to approve Cloned Meats and Milk, they say that after a few years of testing, they find No difference between Farm Raised Beef and Cloned Beef…


While they have no long-term exposure test results on Humans who eat and drink cloned foods, they say the risks are the same as with farm raised meats and milks…


Since they have no test results to back their claim, buyers beware. Or should that be eaters beware…


President Bush is still intent on surging American forces into Baghdad by 21,500 more troops…But what he did not say is that the number will be closer to 41,000 with the support the forces will require to maintain that level…


Palestine is still teetering on Civil War between Hamas factions and Fatah factions…Over 100 civilians have been killed, and many more wounded…


Hamas who was elected into power last year has vowed to destroy Israel, and has said that it will never live side by side with Israel in Peace…


The so-called more moderate Fatah group wants Peace with Israel, and is willing to work towards that end goal, with the two living side by side…

Ford Motor Co. and American Icon, announced losses of $12.7 Billion dollars for 2006… The loss for 2006, surpassed Ford's old record of $7.39 billion set in 1992.

I wonder how many millions the CEO will get as a severance bonus for breaking the old record???


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a group of Scientists representing 113 countries have come together on a report that says Global Warming is real, and man made…


An Oil lobbying firm has offered $10,000 to Scientists who will write a report that rebuts the facts,


The letters were sent by Kenneth Green, a visiting scholar at American Enterprise Institute, who confirmed that the organization had approached scientists, economists and policy analysts to write articles for an independent review that would highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the IPCC report." AEI has received more than $1.6 million from Exxon-Mobil.


Exxon-Mobil just reported profits for the year 2006 came in at just under $40 billion for the past year…Our politicians keep telling us, that these record profits have nothing to do with the price of gas at the pumps…Yeah right!!!!!


I wonder how many millions the CEO of Exxon-Mobil will get as a bonus for the record setting profits????


The Department of Defense (The Pentagon), had changed the number of wounded from Afghanistan and Iraq, from 47,657 to 31,493 on their web site…


They said that the NEW figure would reflect only those that are wounded and then, medevaced by helicopter…


All others who are wounded or catch some illness, and are medevaced by some other mode of transportation, other than a helicopter, no longer count as wounded or sick…


The DoD, ya gotta love them, making sure that the American people don’t know the truth, making sure we feel good about the War……


Also any soldiers who are killed in action, then rise from the dead will…


715 days till President George W. Bush is no longer President…



By: David Phillips
May 28, 2006

Memorial Day:
It is unbelievable, and unconscionable, that, this President, who has given many a speech in front of our troops about Freedom, and Democracy, will NOT attend the funerals of those who have given their lives, to protect the very Freedom, and Democracy, that Bush stands before them, and touts.
Not one funeral, as an American, a Veteran, and a Patriot, I find this appalling...
The NSA:
The NSA (National Security Agency) said, that they only collect telephone numbers, and don't listen to actual conversations. I guess, were just supposed to sheeplessly believe them.
Who's going to investigate them? The NSA has already told the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, that because of National Security they cannot be investigated.
How much to you want to bet, that the NSA, or some other agency, has also been compiling our health records, our education records, and our financial records, all in the name of National Security?
If, and when, Bush's other spying programs become known to the public, Bush will just say, what he always says, we are going after the "Evil Doers", and because of National Security I can't talk about it…
Universal HealthCare:
Every American Citizen, should have HealthCare, it's Morally Right.
Right Wing Conservatives, campaign on Moral issues and Family Value, (or at least the ones that suit their campaign needs), such as, Abortion and Stem Cell research.
I would think that Universal HealthCare would be an issue, which Right Wing Conservatives, would see as a Family Value; you know… the Moral thing to do.
Right Wing Conservatives, have a strange mix, of what they call Family Values.
For instance, they are against abortion, but in favor of the death penalty, their against stem cell research, but are in favor of War.
Universal HealthCare is a Family Value, and it's…Morally Right
Polls: It's all in the Words
Polls are all subjective, based on the wording of the Question.
If asked: "Do you want the President, and the NSA to intercept calls from AL-Qaeda, to people in the United States? 
Of course people will say, Yes.
But, if asked: " Do you want the President, and the NSA to Intercept calls from AL-Qaeda, to people in the United States, without a Warrant?
The Majority will say, No.
It's all in the Words…

Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

February 6, 2006


The Republicans elected a new Majority Leader, Rep. John Boehner R-OH, to replace money launderer, and ethically challenged Rep. Tom Delay R-TX.


Republicans said that with the ‘Culture of Corruption’ (bribery, fraud, and money for favorable votes) that has come to light, because of lobbyist Jack Abramoff, they wanted a change, and a fresh face for their new leader.


A fresh face, a few years back, Boehner was caught handing out checks on the House floor to fellow Republicans from Tobacco Lobbyists.


And regarding the vote that the Republicans held last week for their new leader, they had to scrap the first round of votes, because they had more votes, than voters.


I guess fraudulent voting has become second nature to the Republicans.


Did any of you catch Bush’s State of the Union speech the other night?


There was a section in the speech where Bush was talking about science with regards to stem cell research, and human cloning. Bush said, “Scientists should stop making Human-Animal Hybrids”. 


I’m not sure what he was talking about, but I think he might have been speaking from personal experience; and it would definitely shed light on some of his thought processes.


Moving on, Muslim’s around the world are protesting a cartoon that was first published in a Danish newspaper that depicted the Prophet Mohammed, as a terrorist with a bomb rapped around his head like a turban (truly in bad taste).


The Muslim’s are asking in their chants, for Osama bin Laden to “Blow up the people of Denmark, in the name of their Prophet Mohammed”(also in bad taste).


Muslims certainly have a bizarre way of looking at things.


Well, after 154 years, Western Union will no longer be sending telegrams.

With all the new technologies that are available, it is no longer profitable for them.


Western Union will still continue to send Money Wire Transfers.


154 years, another American Icon lost to technology, well that’s progress.


Did you see Rex the Wonder dog at Bush’s State of the Union speech? He slept right through the speech, along with most of the country.


This Friday, the winter Olympics start in Turin, Italy. NBC will be televising the games for two weeks.


NBC has been promoting the games, by saying that the Olympics are in Turino, Italy.


You see, NBC thinks that Americans are to STUPID to commit to memory the name Turin, Italy, so they made-up a new name that Americans can remember, Turino, Italy (sounds like a car name to me).


And remember, Homeland Security, and the Bush administration, are not protecting our Seaports, (only two percent of shipping containers are inspected), their not protecting our Boarders, (the Mexican Army is escorting various Mexican Drug Cartels across our borders, without being challenged), and anyone, including Terrorists can just walk into our Country without being confronted.


Our Homeland security is a joke!!!


When Republicans say, that they can protect American citizens better than the Democrats, well, JUST REMEMBER.


Peace, Out.


David Phillips



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

January 30, 2006



The last few weeks, Bush has been getting beat up in the press, and by politicians for his ‘Illegal warrant-less eavesdropping on American citizens’.


So it’s time to bring in the SPIN machine aka, Karl Rove, and Fox News.


First of all, it will no longer be called, ‘Illegal warrant-less eavesdropping on American citizen’; from this day forward (really last week) it will only be called “The Terrorist Surveillance Program”


Keep in mind, Red States voters only respond to words that fit on Bumper Stickers.


All further press releases will have the new SPIN, (and if anyone calls it illegal, they’ll be sent to a foreign country and tortured).


The Whitehouse also decided that they needed to take their spin one step further, they needed to explain what is Domestic, and what is International,

so that the Red State voters would understand.


Never mind the fact that Bush still doesn’t have a Warrant, which still makes it unlawful, he doesn’t want you to be thinking about that.


The SPIN is supposed to take your mind off of the facts.


Here’s part of the Whitehouse press release, which defines what is Domestic, and what is International.


Bush found out about the differences between the two at Yale.


 “Domestic Calls are calls inside the United States”. 

“International Calls are calls either to or from the United States.”


“Domestic Flights, are flights from one American city to another”. 

“International Flights are flights to or from the United States.”


“Domestic Mail consists of letters and packages sent within the United States” “International Mail consists of letters and packages sent to or from the United States.”


“Domestic Commerce involves business within the United States.

“International Commerce involves business between the United States and other countries.”


Yes America, this really is part of the Whitehouse press release. I wonder whose I.Q. their playing down too, yours, theirs, or Red State voters?


Moving on, last week Bush was speaking in front of a group of business leaders in regards to New Orleans, and started to talk about the SBA (Small Business Association), and said that he understands why their frustrated and that SBA really stands for “Slow Bureaucratic Paperwork.”


Well at least he got two of the letters right.


A sign on a freeway said, “We refuse to fight in a war, started by men who refused to fight in a war.”


Good word play.


Bush has put a halt to the investigation regarding the Federal response to hurricane Katrina.


On September 15, 2005, Bush said that he wanted to know what went wrong with FEMA, and its response, so that they do not repeat the same MISTAKES.


Last week the Senate investigation came to an abrupt halt, because Bush refused to release Whitehouse documents regarding their reactions to hurricane Katrina.


Bush stated that they could not release the documents because of “National Security”, and they also refused to let Michael “Brownie” Brown, former head of FEMA speak to the Senate investigators.


It’s obvious why Bush wants to put an end to the investigation, Bush was not concerned during his vacation of a little Hurricane, and Michael “Brownie” Brown, did not want to be bothered.


And Republicans say that they can PROTECT American’s better than the Democrats.


Ya, right!!!


That’s it for this edition of ‘Rants & Raves’, Stay safe and watch your back, because the Republicans don’t.


Peace, Out.


David Phillips



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

January 23, 2006


President Bush’s Medicare drug program has gotten off to an ominous start.

Nineteen states have had to jump in and rescue the programs before people started dying because they could not get their medicines.


It turns out that the Medicare prescription plans (plan D) that people have signed up for, are either not providing the medicines or they are charging enormous amounts of money that people can’t afford.


After the Governor’s of those nineteen States took over, President Bush said that the providers of those prescription plans must put together a 30-day supply, and are not allowed to charge more than a $5 dollar co-payment. Bush also said that each State would be reimbursed, and urged anyone who is having problems to contact Medicare, or local officials in their States.


Sounds like another Bush quagmire.


Did you know that you if check out a book at a library and do not return it, the cost of that book is reported to the credit bureaus and placed on your credit reports?


And if you get a parking ticket or a speeding ticket, and you are late or you don’t pay it, it to is reported to the credit bureaus.


Harry Bellefonte was in Venezuela a few days ago, and gave a speech with President Hugo Chavez standing next to him.


In part of his speech, Bellefonte said that President Bush is the Number one Terrorist in the world.


If what Harry said is true, than it brings up a few questions: How does this make Osama bin Laden feel?  Will Osama tell Bush that he’s number one? Will Bush step aside and give the title back to Osama?


I’m sure Karl Rove will be strategizing with the media and crafting a message that will make Bush number one in the world again.


Speaking of Karl Rove, he was back in the news the other day bashing Democrats in a speech. Karl Rove is like that scab that you keep picking at and picking at, but still comes back, only bigger and nastier.



President Bush is still saying that he has the authority to wiretap phone calls and e-mails of American citizens without obtaining a warrant.


Most of the Senators and Congressmen on both sides of the aisle are saying that he doesn’t have that authority.


I’m guessing that after the Republican led hearings are over, they will side with Bush.


Here’s something that we all can hope for and dream about, if the Democrats take back control of the House of Representatives this November, the Democrats will have subpoena power and would be able to, dare I say it, IMPEACH the SOB.


That’s it for this weeks edition of Rants & Raves, may all your dreams come true.



Peace, Out


David Phillips



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

January 16, 2006


In many third world countries that are run by some form of a dictator, you will find that those governments generally control the media by placing propaganda stories in the newspapers and on television. They also use secret wiretaps to listen in on the civilians who might have dissenting opinions, operate secret prisons, and conduct torture.


But that could never happen here!!!


F.Y.I. 68 American soldiers died in Iraq in December 2005, and in all of 2005, 846 American soldiers died in Iraq. In 2004, 848 American soldiers died in Iraq.


As you can see, Bush’s policy of “Staying the Course” seems to be working as intended.


President Bush was in Louisville, Ky. this past Wednesday, defending his decision to eavesdrop on phone calls, and e-mails of American citizens without getting a warrant.


Senator Arlen Specter, R-Pa. announced that he plans to hold hearings on whether Bush has the power to tell the National Security Agency to eavesdrop without warrants.


Bush said the he welcomes the inquiry, calling it “good for democracy”. The next words out of his mouth, Bush said that the hearings also run the danger of telling, “the enemy what we’re doing”.


So basically, Bush says that its O.K to discuss the policy, but don’t talk about it.


Rush ‘Oxycotin’ Limbaugh said the other day that the basis of Bush’s decision not to get warrants for spying on American phone calls, and e-mails was do to the fact that the forms that needed to be filled out an presented to the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Security Act) courts are very complicated and lengthy.


Well that explains it.


Does anyone other than the President think that are enemies don’t know that we’re eavesdropping on their calls and e-mails? (Hello red state voters)


A “Culture of Corruption”, these are the words that the Democrats have decided to use to BLAST the Republicans with.


What a bunch of wimps.

They should be using words like low life Republicans who are receiving bribes, pay-offs, on the take, or kickbacks.


The Democrats need to learn how to paint a strong picture with their words in order to get their message across to the voting public, particularly to those people in the Red States.


A “Culture of Corruption”, they have to do better.


So, will Jack Abramoff tilt the November elections in the Democrats Favor? Will the Democrats come together in unity with one voice and philosophy? Will Howard Dean keep his foot out of his big mouth?


The Democrats have been handed an enormous gift from Abramoff and the Republicans, lets hope they can capitalize on it.


I leave you today with a quote from Martin Luther King Jr.” Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about things that matter”.


Peace, out.


David Phillips



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

January 9, 2006


Well I guess most of you have heard about the Jack Abramoff Bribery and Corruption scandal that’s going to implicate as many as 60 congressmen, some of their wives, and their aides.


How could this happen?   


It’s really very simple, when the Republicans took control of the Congress and Senate, they simply did away with the Ethics Committee and all Oversight Committees, so if someone wanted to complain about any unethical shenanigans, they had no where to go. As the old clich goes, the foxes are guarding the hen house.


Republican motto: The facts may change, but our opinions never will.


Is Joe Lieberman related to Zell Miller?


There’s a California organization that’s looking to run Mel Gibson, against Arnold Schwarzenegger for the 2006 Republican primary for Governor.


Some are calling it, The Terminator vs. The Lethal Weapon, or the Aussie vs. The Austrian.


This is making some wish that Grey Davis was still in office.


Sign above the entrance to Congress reads’ ‘Leave your Morals at the Door’.


President Bush and Sen. John McCain have reached an agreement on the U.S. policy for Torture. Torture will only be allowed on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


Was the Christian religion started because of Capitol Punishment?


The White House said that President Bush’s authorization of illegal wiretaps of American Citizens by the National Security Agency only proves that he cares about Americans because he’s listening to what the people have to say.


The Fascist News Channel has hired Robert Novak, the traitor who told our enemies about C.I.A. agent Valerie Plame. He’ll fit right in with Oliver North who spent time in prison for selling drugs and weapons to Iran and Nicaragua for President Reagan, and FNC consultant G. Gordon Libby who spent time in prison for breaking into the Watergate Hotel for President Nixon.


There’s a web site, which the National Security Agency has that you might want to keep your children from viewing, it’s www.nsa.gov/kids.

They are using this site to recruit kids who might want to become future NSA agents.


I have an update for you regarding the cost of gasoline in Iraq. As you all know by my past rants and raves, gas had been selling for .05 cents a gallon in Iraq.


Well that’s all changed now, the price of a gallon of gas went from .05 cents a gallon to .46 cents a gallon causing protests from Iraqi citizens, and the Iraqi Minister of Oil quit his job, but at least no one was killed during the protest.


Iraqi citizens protesting, and no one was killed?  This should be good news for the Bush administration.


People of Iraq, welcome to Democracy.


I hope everyone had a good time over the holidays, this is the first issue of Rants & Raves for 2006, and I’m hoping to have more Raves than Rants this year. So remember to always question your political leaders, and to vote them out of office if their not doing the job they were elected to do.


Peace Out.



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

Dec. 13, 2005


Last week the United States Border Patrol mentioned that the uniforms that their agents wear, are made in Mexico. The boarder patrol procurement office stated that they got a better deal from Mexican manufacturers, than they could get from American manufacturers. (Do you think that this might cause a security problem with stolen uniforms?)


This must be part of Bush’s plan to eliminate all manufacturing jobs here in the United States.


Did you know that Bush only makes speeches in front of captured audiences? All of Bush’s speeches have been made in front of a Military, Police, Firemen, or vetted Conservative audiences.


There are two reasons why he does this;


   First these audiences would never say or ask Bush anything that might embarrass him. (They aren’t even allowed to ask him anything any how)


   Second, Bush thinks that by standing in front of a Military audience it makes him look more Presidential. (Like standing on an Aircraft Carrier with a sign behind him stating Mission Accomplished).


In the past, when Bush has been asked a question that was not previously approved by his handlers, no one could be sure what words might come out of mouth.


So now, nobody gets to ask him questions, he just reads his speech and looks at the audience with a stern face so it looks like he means what he says.


Fox Fascist News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly said that the reason why so many people were stranded on their rooftops after Hurricane Katrina was because they all dropped out of school. Meaning they had no education, and didn’t know better, what an asshole.


Also on Fox Fascist News Channel’s web site, their hawking Christmas tree ornaments with Bill O’Reilly’s name on them.


And on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Rush ‘the drug addict’ Limbaugh is urging everyone to buy a Christmas Gift for our soldiers in Iraq of his yearly newsletter at $39.95.


These fascist right-winged bigots clearly have no principles or dignity.


F.Y.I.-Eighty-five American soldiers died this past November in Iraq for Bush’s War for Oil.


Here’s something that I’ve been wondering about; why are all the women on Fox Fascist News channel more often than not blondes?  Could they be trying to portray a White Supremacist Nation, or an Aryan Nation? Of course they are.


More on Rush ‘the drug addict’ Limbaugh, about ten days ago in Iraq, Ten Marines were killed, and eleven wounded by a roadside bomb, or I.E.D (improvised explosive device). Rush’s comment was that the insurgents aren’t a formed army and all they can do is attack us with “little annoying car bombs and road side explosives”.


2140+ dead American soldiers, and over 25,000 wounded American soldiers, and that pill popping, mind warped, drug addict Rush Limbaugh has the nerve to trivialize their deaths by saying “Little annoying car bombs and road side explosives”.


Well that’s about it for this week’s Rants and Raves; I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, a Happy Kwanzaa, or Happy Holidays, and Seasons Greetings.


Peace Out.



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

Nov. 28, 2005


I hope everyone had a happy turkey day, here is this weeks installment of rants and raves, enjoy.


This could be very funny, or very scary; it all depends on your sense of humor.


Former FEMA Director Michael Brown has started a consulting firm that will show people had to prepare for natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes.


I’m thinking that the first step in preparing for a natural disaster would be avoiding his consulting firm.


In case your curious about how Bush’s trip to Asia went here’s a quick review


   Japan did not lift its ban on U.S. beef imports.

   South Korea told Bush that it’s withdrawing one third of its troops from Iraq.

   China rebuffed Bush’s call for more political freedom for its citizens, and gave little ground on trade.

   Mongolia, Bush saw a performance of throat-singing which is a vocal technique found in some Asian cultures, and got to see men riding on horseback dressed in armor with spears, (a new policy at Bush’s ranch, all secret service agents will wear armor, carry spears and ride horse’s).


Once Bush got back to the United States, he flew to his ranch in Crawford, TX to avoid the press and to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with his family for the week, then its time for a vacation.


GM (General Motors) announced that it would be closing twelve of its manufacturing plants here in the United States, and firing 30,000 employees. GM is currently talking with China about opening plants there, and using a Chinese labor force.


Ford Motor Co. also announced that it would be firing 4,000 of its employees, no word yet on which country they will be opening their plants in.


So far, Bush has seen more than five million jobs lost in the manufacturing sector to foreign nations that offer low-cost labor.


But Americans should not worry; this is Bush’s economic plan of ‘Staying the Course’.


Staying the Course, three magical words that Republicans love to spout. You see these three words not only work for War policies, but they also work for all Republican policies.


Here are some examples of Republican policies of ‘Staying the Course’:


   Health Care 43 Million Americans without it. Every year that Bush has been in office that number has increased by millions by ‘Staying the Course’.

   Manufacturing, 5 Million jobs out sourced to foreign nations by’ Staying the Course’.

   Iraq, at least 21 dead American soldiers every week just by’ Staying the Course’.

   Tax cuts for Corporations, ‘Stay the Course’.

   Tax cut for the Rich, ‘Stay the Course’.

   Poverty, 13 Million more Americans are now living in poverty thanks to Bush’s policy of ‘Stay the Course’.


These are just a few of the policies that Republicans love using those three magical words;’ Stay the Course’.


The Republicans are superior to the Democrats when it comes to words, they use phrases such as “Clean Coal”, “Cut and Run”, “Flip Flopper’, Stay the Course”, “Healthy Forrest’s”, “Clear Skies”, and there are plenty more nifty little sayings that the Republicans have used in the last five years to explain their policies to red State voters.


Republicans love to keep things simple.


As Shakespeare once said, “A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet”, if only those words were true when it came to the clever sayings from Republicans.


Everyone should keep in mind that whether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, there are at least two things we all have in common, 1) we are all American’s, and 2) if we don’t question are political leaders, we get the government we may or may not deserve.


Peace Out.



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

Nov. 21, 2005


Well it’s been more that a week since we last saw President Bush here in the United States. The President after going to South America for trade talks went on a nine-day adventure to China, Japan, South Korea, and Mongolia for more trade talks, and to discuss North Korea’s Nuke’s.


Did I say Mongolia?


The Whitehouse said that Mongolia is a strong ally with the United States with regards to our War in Iraq. It also turns out that Bush will be the first President ever to visit Mongolia.


The Presidents visit in Mongolia is just for the day, and then Bush heads back to the Good Old U.S.A. Once back I’m sure Bush will be heading to his ranch in Crawford, TX, to avoid the Press.


Vice-President Dick ‘The Dick’ Cheney has been on the attack again calling Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., a coward, for insisting that our troops come home now.


Congressman John Murtha is a Silver Star, and two-time Purple Heart recipient and Vice President Dick Cheney is a Five time recipient of Deferments. In other words the Vice President is a COWARD.


That’s right I’m calling Vice-President Dick Cheney a Fu#&ing COWARD.


In fact, I’m calling President George W. Bush a COWARD for hiding out in the Texas Air National Guard learning to fly obsolete jets that were never going to see action in Vietnam, and then going AWOL for his last nine months.


Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld is a COWARD; Rummy took the same path as Cheney and ‘opted out’ of serving in the Armed Forces by receiving Five Deferments.


That brings us to Condi Rice, Secretary of State, though she never served in the Armed Forces, she did learn to play the Piano at age three, that’s right age three, and later in life she taught Bible classes.


Another thing about this group of COWARDS is there total disrespect for the Families of our fallen Soldiers.


There are approximately 2100 Dead American Troops so far in the Iraq war, an average of 20 Dead American Soldiers each week. President Bush’s plan, is to “Stay the Course” which means, we will continue to see 20 Dead American Troops each and every week.


So you say to yourself, OK he’s the President and he understands the pain and anguish his policies pertaining to Iraq have on the families, and every now and then (when time permits) the President would go to a funeral and help ease their pain.


But NO, Bush has yet to go to any Funerals. So, he must have sent Vice President Dick Cheney in his place a couple of times, but NO again.


How about Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, surely as Defense Secretary he’s gone to a Funeral or two, and represented the President, but again the answer is NO.


That brings us to Secretary of State Condi Rice, hell, she used to teach Bible studies, surely she went to a Funeral or two and represented the President, but I’m sadden to say NO again, and from someone who taught Bible studies, shame on her.


So as I stated earlier, the four of them are COWARDS.


Lets see, I ranted a little more that I planed on, and I would like to say something positive happened this past week, lets see, oh ya, in Baghdad, Iraq, gas is still only .05 cents a gallon.



Peace Out



Rants and Raves

By: David Phillips

Nov. 15, 2005


The Treasury Department announced this week that President Bush has borrowed over $1.05 Trillion dollars from Foreign Nations. The Treasury Dept. said that the $1.05 Trillion dollars is a record for any sitting President.


 The Treasury Dept. went on to say that if you add up all the borrowing from all 42 former Presidents, it only adds up to $1.01 trillion dollars


We knew that Bush could spend Tax Dollars faster than anyone else. Now we know that he can borrow money faster than anyone else.


Did you heard about the two Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders who were fired because they were at a nightclub having HOT LESBIAN SEX in the bathroom


It seems that the Right Wing Holly Rollers can't stop talking about it.

Who would have ever guessed that Right Wing Holly Rollers would like talking about HOT LESBIAN SEX!!!


Way to go Holly Rollers.


In case you were looking for President Bush, he's been hiding in South America trying to make some trade agreements (no trade agreements were made), but all he found were protesters, thousands of them.


Bush came back a couple of days later only to find that he was getting a lot of pressure about the sexed up Intel that he used to convince us to go to WAR in Iraq.


So what does are illustrious leader do?


He politicizes Veterans Day by standing in front of a bunch of Service men and slamming of all people Sen. John Kerry in a speech about going to War in Iraq (someone should tell him that Kerry was last years fight).


Then he got on Air Force One, and went on a weeklong trip to Asia where he's to meet with the leaders of China, Japan, and South Korea about more trade agreements, and North Koreas Nukes.


When Bush gets back, look for him to hide out at his ranch in Crawford, TX.


Gas in Baghdad, Iraq is still only .05 cents a Gallon.


Maybe if they raised the price to $10.00 a gallon it would put an end to all the suicide car bombers, or maybe not.


I bet, that like me, a lot of you will be hoping to see a few camera shots of the Carolina Panthers Cheerleaders this Sunday.


Peace out.



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

Oct. 30, 2005


Well, it appears that President Bush caved on Harriet Miers as his Supreme Court nomination, too much pressure from his right wing conservative base. She wasn’t religious enough for them, and they couldn’t be sure how she would vote on Roe v. Wade, even though she has been quoted as saying that she would over turn it.


So it’s back to the drawing board for POTUS, as he seeks a new SCOTUS.

You can be sure that Bush will pick an extreme right wing conservative this time.


Bush has two reasons for picking an ultra conservative, 1) he needs to change the headlines in the newspapers from Scooter Libby, and the treasonous acts committed by someone in the Whitehouse (Karl ‘Turd Bloosom’ Rove), and 2) he wants the Democrats to filibuster his nomination so the Republicans can invoke the “Nuclear Option” which would do away with the filibuster.


Some good news is that Scooter Libby has been indicted in Plamegate, and he had to resign his position as Dick ‘The Dick’ Cheney’s chief of staff. Karl ‘Turd Bloosom’ Rove is still under investigation, so we should be seeing him do his frog march soon.


Libby faces five counts in the indictment, all of them felonies. Here's the breakdown:


1 Count of obstruction of justice

2 Counts of perjury

2 Counts of making false statements


Possible Punishment: If convicted on all five counts, he could face up 30 years in prison and $1.25 million in fines.


In 2003 – and again in 2004 – President Bush said he would fire anyone found to be involved in the leak of Valerie Plame’s name. He didn’t say he would fire anyone who “committed a crime.” He said we would fire anyone found to be involved in the leak.


Just another lie from President Bush, I guess everyone is getting used to his lies because no one is willing to throw his WORDS back in his face.


FEMA flood maps used for Hurricane Katrina are obsolete. The inspector general for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security found in a 63-page report that official flood maps are unreliable. The report said 70 percent of the maps are more than 10 years old, and the maps "were hand-drawn and are difficult to update."


I wonder if the maps that show our borders are hand-drawn? Our Homeland Security sure does make it easier for me to sleep at night.


Have any of you seen the money the Oil companies have made this last quarter.

1)     Exxon-Mobil $9.9 Billion in profits, up 75% from the same quarter last year.

2)     Royal Dutch Shell $9.4 Billion in profits, up 67% from the same quarter last year.

3)     BP (British Petroleum) $6.5 Billion in profits, up 34% from the same quarter last year.

4)     ConocoPhillips $3.8 Billion in profits, up 89% from the same quarter last year.

5)     Chevron $3.6 Billion in profits, up 12% from the same quarter last year


Combined third quarter profits $33.2 Billion. The Exxon-Mobil $9.9 Billion is a record for any U.S. company ever.


The good news is gas still only costs .05 cents a gallon in Iraq. So we have that going for us.


Well, I hope I gave you some words for thought, more Rants and Rave next time.


Peace Out.



Rants & Raves

By: David Phillips

Oct. 27, 2005


Next time you fill up you car with gas for $3.00 a gallon, remember this, Iraqi’s are paying only .05 cents a gallon for gas. And right wing talking heads say that only bad things are said about Iraq from Liberals.


2000 plus dead Americans in Iraq now and what did President Bush say? He said stay the course, and expect more dead and wounded Americans.

At least he’s consistent.


Ratings have dropped by as much ad 53% for, Rush ‘Oxycotin’ Limbaugh, and Sean ‘The Coward’ Hannity. It appears that more and more sheeple, are realizing that everything that they say are LIES.


With a little luck, in the next few days, we’ll be seeing indictments handed down on Plamegate, for Vice President Dick ‘The Dick’ Cheney, Lewis ‘Scooter’ Libby, and Karl ‘Turd Bloosom’ Rove, for Treason for outing an Undercover CIA agent.


This past week, the Senate passed a $425 Billion defense budget 90-9, with an amendment by Senator John McCain that would ban Torture. President Bush said he would VETO the bill if the ban on torture remained attached.


Today Scotty ‘The Mouth Piece’ McClellan said “The President’s made our position very clear: We do not condone torture, nor would he ever authorize the use of TORTURE”.  Then why would President Bush Threaten to VETO the defense bill if the Ban on TORTURE remained attached to the defense bill? Wouldn’t it be nice if just one of the reporters at the Whitehouse would ask a follow up question?


Attention all you victims of Hurricane Katrina, President Bush is going to pay for the reconstruction of New Orleans with cut backs in Medicaid, Food Stamps, and subsidies for Education. $50 Billion dollars in cut backs, a President with a Heart, would either pay for the reconstruction with a roll back on the Tax cuts for the rich, or a cut back on this years $84 Billion dollars for Iraq’s reconstruction. But nobody ever said that Bush has a Heart.


The Evangelicals are smiling from ear to ear right now. President Bush’s pick for the Supreme Court Harriet Miers has been quoted as saying that she would overturn Roe V. Wade. The Evangelicals don’t care that Miers has said that George W. Bush is the most Brilliant man she ever met, and that she has Zero knowledge of the American Constitution, all they care about is Roe V. Wade.


More Rants and Raves, next time. I can only hope that things will get better, and not worse, but I doubt it.


copyright2005 www.yodasworld.org


Thoughts from Yoda
Secretary of Health & Human Services Tommy Thompson said that there is no Crisis regarding Flu shots. Thompson said that there is no shortage of vaccine.
I guess that he also doesn't read the papers or watch the news that shows people standing in line for hours hoping that they will be one of the lucky few to get a vaccination, or how the distributors of the vaccine are charging up to 500 times the actual cost.
Three Catholic Bishops in the U.S. have come out to indorse President Bush, because Sen. John Kerry is Pro Choice. They say that because Sen. John Kerry is Pro Choice, all Catholics should Vote for Bush.
When President Bush was the Governor of Texas, he had the distinct credit of executing more criminals than any other state each and every  year that he was Governor. To this day President Bush supports the Death Penalty.
President Bush calls himself a "War President", thousands have died in Bush's War on Terrorism.
So I ask all Catholics "Why do you support Bush, why is it O.K. for thousands to die in his Wars, and in Prisons?  Are those that have already been born less important than the unborn?
Treasury Secretary John Snow said, "That the failed Bush jobs record is a "myth".
I guess that the Millions of Jobs being Out Sourced to other countries is just a Myth, that the 3 Million manufacturing jobs that have been lost to other countries is just a Myth, and that the 1.8 Million private jobs that have been lost are just a Myth.
Again the Whitehouse is in denial, The Economy is going strong, there is No loss of Jobs in the United States, the War in Iraq is going great, and there is no shortage of Flu Vaccine.
Wow, what a bunch of B.S., and the real sad part is that President Bush's
supporters don't question anything that comes out of the Whitehouse.
Speaking of Questions, did you know since Bush has been on the campaign trail, he has yet to grant any Questions from anyone in the Press!!!
I guess that's because if he doesn't know the question in advance, he's too stupid to answer it on his own.

President George W. Bush has stated that he does not read the Newspapers, or watch any News on Television.
The President said that he has people that follow the News for him, and inform him on anything that they think he should know.
How can the President get a true feel for whats going on in the United States, and the rest of the World if other people are feeding him the information that they think, he should have?  Very strange,very scary.


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